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Deidra Kaye Hasselberg, referred to expertly as Deidra Hoffman, entered the world in 1965 in Roseville, Minnesota. At the time of this story in 2023, she’s 59 years youthful. As the posterity of the famous entertainer Loni Anderson and her most memorable mate, Bruce Hasselberg, Deidra is important for a big name genealogy. Her childhood took a turn when her folks headed out in different directions when she was only two years of age. Growing up, she explored the intricacies of her relational peculiarities’, with Loni, a Brilliant Globe and Emmy-designated entertainer, bearing the obligations of single life as a parent.

Deidra’s genealogical record extended through her mom’s resulting relationships, making her the stepdaughter of Weave Flick and the previous stepdaughter of Burt Reynolds and entertainer Rodd Bickell. Loni’s four relationships brought different encounters into Deidra’s life, forming her excursion.

Regardless of her family’s high-profile associations, Deidra liked to keep her own life safeguarded from the media’s look. Her life as a youngster remains to a great extent hidden, with inadequate insights concerning her childhood, companionships, or kin. Notwithstanding, one huge relationship in her life is with her stepbrother, Quinton Anderson Reynold, who was embraced by Loni.

Experiencing childhood at the center of attention because of her renowned parentage, Deidra figured out how to explore the subtleties of public consideration from early on. However, in the midst of the style and marvelousness, she experienced her portion of difficulties, especially originating from her folks’ separation and the ensuing disturbances to her day to day life. Regardless of these deterrents, Deidra has cut her own way, keeping a similarity to protection while sporadically venturing into the spotlight close by her mom.

Who is Deidra Hoffman?

Deidra Hoffman, considered Deidra Kaye Hasselberg, is most famous as the young lady of American performer Loni Anderson. Loni Anderson procured praise for her occupation as Jennifer Marlowe on the television sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Deidra Hoffman’s father is Bruce Hasselberg, Loni Anderson’s most vital companion. Not by any stretch of the imagination like her mother, Deidra has commonly kept away from the public eye and doesn’t have a prominent occupation in redirection. She has appeared at public events with her mother and has been related with preparing, filling in as a school executive. Deidra Hoffman has moreover faced individual prosperity challenges, including an assurance of various sclerosis.


Deidra Hoffman, initially named Deidra Kaye Hasselberg, was brought into the world in 1965 in Roseville, Minnesota. She is the little girl of Bruce Hasselberg, a school executive, and Loni Anderson, a notable screen entertainer. Not long after Deidra’s introduction to the world, her folks separated. Loni, while raising Deidra, sought after her examinations in expressions at the College of Minnesota.

Deidra’s folks were exceptionally youthful when they got hitched, which could make sense of why their marriage endured just two years. Because of her confidential childhood, insights concerning Deidra’s schooling, including the establishments she joined in and when she graduated, have not been openly uncovered by either Deidra or her mom.


Full NameDeidra Kaye Hasselberg (Deidra Hoffman)
Birth Year1965
Birth PlaceRoseville, Minnesota, United States
Age (2023)59
EthnicityCaucasian White
Parents– Loni Anderson (Mother, Actress) – Bruce Hasselberg (Father, School Administrator)
StepfatherBob Flick
Former Stepfathers– Burt Reynolds (Actor) – Rodd Bickell (Actor)
Marital StatusMarried to Chris Hoffman since 2009
ChildrenTwo daughters: McKenzie and Megan Hoffman
Half-BrotherQuinton Anderson Reynolds (Adopted by Loni Anderson)
Education– Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California – Master of Education from the University of Nevada, Reno
Height5 feet 7 inches
WeightApproximately 62 kilograms (136 pounds)
Body MeasurementsChest: 34 inches, Waist: 29 inches, Hips: 37 inches
Career– Started as a History Teacher – Later became a principal at a Northern California public school – Made occasional television appearances
Net Worth$12 million.
Social MediaDoes not have official accounts on social media platforms

Deidra Hoffman Education

Regarding her education, Deidra Hoffman earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California. She furthered her studies by obtaining a Master of Education from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Deidra Hoffman Age

In the event that we crunch the numbers, taking into account Deidra Kaye Hasselberg’s introduction to the world year in 1965 and the ongoing year as 2024, we can sort out her age. Taking away 1965 from 2024, we track down that she’s 59 years of age this year. In this way, whether she’s known as Deidra Kaye Hasselberg or Deidra Hoffman, she’d command her 59th outing around the sun in 2024.

Deidra Hoffman Height

Deidra Hoffman weighs about 62 kilograms or 136 pounds and maintains a height of 5 feet 7 inches.She wears a size 9 (US) shoe. Her body assessments are 34 jerks for her chest, 29 slithers for her waist and 37 deadheads for her hips.

Deidra Hoffman Personal life

Deidra Hoffman drives a satisfying individual life away from the spotlight. She esteems her protection and likes to keep insights regarding her own issues out of the public eye. Regardless of her associations with media outlets through her mom, Loni Anderson, and her own periodic TV appearances, Deidra decides to zero in on her family and profession as opposed to looking for consideration in the media.

In her relaxation time, Deidra appreciates enjoying quality minutes with her friends and family, including her better half, entertainer Chris Hoffman, and their two girls, McKenzie and Megan Hoffman. Family get-togethers, open air undertakings, and comfortable nights at home probably make up treasured minutes in her day to day existence.

While Deidra’s expert achievements are remarkable, her obligation to keeping a decent and satisfying individual life features her sensible nature and values. She finds bliss in the basic delights of life and fortunes in the minutes enjoyed with her family and dear companions.

Deidra Hoffman Family

Deidra Hoffman shares an extraordinary family bond with her relative, Quinton Anderson Reynolds. Quinton was embraced by their mom, Loni Anderson, and her third spouse, the prestigious entertainer, maker, and chief, Burt Reynolds. Loni, who has been hitched multiple times, sealed the deal with Burt Reynolds in 1988, yet their association tragically finished in 1994 because of the entertainer’s warmth for a mixed drink server.

Quinton, brought into the world on August 31, 1988, turned into a piece of their family soon after Loni and Burt’s marriage. Burt Reynolds, whose complete name is Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., was brought into the world on February 11, 1936, in Lansing, Michigan, USA, and died on September 6, 2018, in Jupiter, Florida, USA.

Before her union with Burt Reynolds, Loni had recently been hitched to Ross Bickell from 1973 to 1981. Be that as it may, since May 17, 2008, she has found enduring affection with Bounce Flick, one of the establishing individuals from the people bunch, The Siblings Four. Strangely, Sway and Loni’s romantic tale started in 1963 when they initially met at a film debut in Minneapolis.

Deidra Hoffman Career

Deidra Hoffman set out on her profession process as a Set of experiences Educator, devoting 12 years of her life to teaching understudies in state funded schools across Canada and Florida. Changing into an influential position, she later filled in as a head at a Northern California state funded school. Regardless of her expert accomplishments, Deidra has stayed cautious about her own life, deciding not to uncover subtleties to the media.

While she might have liked to keep her hidden life private, Deidra has shown up on TV programs, adding a dash of her presence to programs like “Personal Representation” in 1990 and “The Specialists” in 2008. However her TV appearances have offered looks at her expert side, she keeps on keeping a position of safety with regards to examining her own issues.

Deidra Hoffman Net Worth

Similar to her expert life, insights concerning Deidra Hoffman’s total assets and yearly income stay undisclosed. Conversely, her mom, Loni Anderson, has an expected total assets of $12 million.

Deidra Hoffman Relationship

Also, Deidra Hoffman is joyfully hitched to entertainer Chris Hoffman beginning around 2009. Their association has favored them with two little girls, McKenzie and Megan Hoffman. In spite of being important for a family associated with media outlets, Deidra likes to stay under the radar and relish a confidential life. Thus, she has figured out how to avoid contentions and reports, keeping a tranquil and circumspect presence.

Deidra Hoffman Social Media

Deidra Hoffman values her protection and purposely avoids virtual entertainment stages. You won’t find her on well known destinations like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as she has no authority accounts there. Liking to carry on with life away from the steady look of the web-based world, she tracks down satisfaction in keeping her own undertakings hidden and continuous by the commotion of virtual entertainment.


  • Birthplace and Date: Deidra Kaye Hasselberg, professionally known as Deidra Hoffman, was born in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1965.
  • Parentage: She is the daughter of actress Loni Anderson and her first husband, Bruce Hasselberg.
  • Education: Deidra earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California and a Master of Education from the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Career: She started as a History Teacher and later became a principal at a Northern California public school. She has made occasional television appearances.
  • Personal Life: Deidra is married to actor Chris Hoffman since around 2009. They have two daughters, McKenzie and Megan Hoffman.
  • Family: Deidra has a half-brother, Quinton Anderson Reynolds, who was adopted by her mother, Loni Anderson.
  • Privacy: Deidra prefers to keep her personal life shielded from the media and does not have official social media accounts.


Is Deidra Hoffman a famous actress like her mother? 

No, Deidra has largely stayed out of the limelight and does not have a prominent career in entertainment. She has made occasional appearances on television but primarily worked in education.

What is Deidra Hoffman’s relationship with her mother, Loni Anderson? 

Deidra is the daughter of Loni Anderson and has shared a close bond with her throughout her life.

Does Deidra Hoffman have siblings? 

Yes, she has a half-brother named Quinton Anderson Reynolds, who was adopted by her mother, Loni Anderson.

Why is Deidra Hoffman’s net worth undisclosed? 

Deidra has kept her financial details private, unlike her mother, Loni Anderson, whose net worth is estimated at $12 million.

Why doesn’t Deidra Hoffman have social media accounts? 

Deidra values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye, which includes abstaining from social media platforms.


Deidra Kaye Hasselberg, known professionally as Deidra Hoffman, was born into a celebrity family in 1965. Despite her famous parentage, she has chosen to keep a low profile, focusing on her career in education and her family life. Her journey includes a successful tenure as a school administrator and occasional appearances on television shows. She enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her husband, actor Chris Hoffman, and their two daughters, away from the public eye.

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