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Husband, biography, education, age, height, family, career, net worth, and other details of Dianna Russini

Dianna Russini Husband 

Kevin Goldschmidt is the driven husband of Dianna Russini. Born on June 6, 1985, he was raised in both Pennsylvania and New York. After earning a financial science degree from Penn State University in 2007, Kevin set off on his quest. He immersed himself fully into the financial industry after taking a position at SEI, spending a lot of time managing account operations analysts.

In 2013, Kevin made the decision to change careers and expand his financial power by accepting a position as a pay analyst at AmerisourceBergen. However, Kevin’s desire for novel experiences brought him to Aramark in 2015, where he accepted the challenge of working as a paid senior executive analyst.

In 2018, Kevin rejoined AmerisourceBergen as the manager of executive compensation following a fruitful stint at Aramark. But as life is full of unexpected turns, Kevin made the decision to go from his little village to the busy streets of New York City in 2019.

Kevin has been making waves as a senior manager in the Total Rewards area at Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters since October 2019. His path demonstrates his drive and desire as well as the fact that everything is achievable with commitment and hard effort.

Who is Dianna Russini?

It’s captivating to follow Dianna Russini’s excursion into the universe of sports reporting. She was raised in Norwood, New Jersey, subsequent to being brought into the world in the Bronx on February 11, 1983. Her adoration for sports started in her initial years. She was an observer as well as areas of strength for a, triumphant titles in softball, b-ball and soccer.

She played soccer for four seasons at George Mason University, where her skill set earned her a spot on the team and seven goals in 51 games. She changed her career path after graduating from college and became the youngest journalist at WNBC in New York City.

After that, Dianna moved west and started working as a sports reporter for CSN Northwest in Seattle. But it was her 2015 transfer to ESPN that really shot her to national prominence. She became well-known around the nation for giving NFL fans exclusive information and knowledgeable commentary for almost ten years.

In August 2023, Dianna took a risk by leaving ESPN and joining The Athletic, even though she had been successful there. Although ESPN made an effort to keep her on staff by offering a rise, she felt that there were not enough prospects for growth there. Her desire to advance professionally drove her to look for fresh challenges elsewhere.

Dianna’s story is one of perseverance and passion for her profession. She has demonstrated that success in the cutthroat world of sports journalism is achievable with commitment and tenacity. Her story shows that success is achievable with perseverance and hard effort, inspiring aspirant journalists everywhere.

Dianna Russini Biography 

Dianna Marie Russini’s path is intricately linked to her passion for journalism and athletics. She was reared in New York City and had a strong interest in sports from a young age. She skillfully combined her athletic endeavours at Old Tappan High School in New Jersey with her developing interest in journalism.

Even with all of her remarkable accomplishments in softball, basketball, soccer and track and field, Dianna never forgot her dream of becoming a writer. Her exceptional talent and leadership were acknowledged when she was named an All-State athlete in four different sports

Dianna took on a new challenge when she joined the George Mason University football team after graduating from high school, even though she had never played the sport before. 

She swiftly ascended through the ranks to secure a berth on the first division squad, driven by her desire to develop and her unwavering dedication. In addition to her football pursuits, during her sophomore year, she had demonstrated her flexibility by playing forward for the university’s football team.

Dianna continued to be passionate in journalism despite her success in athletics. She started developing her abilities by helping the school’s media team and getting jobs as interns at nearby radio stations. But it was the terrible events of September 11 that made her decide she wanted to devote herself entirely to a journalism profession.

After earning her journalism bachelor’s degree, Dianna started working as a news reporter. Before establishing her impact at WNBC in New York and Comcast Sports in Seattle and Portland, she worked as a newsreader for News 12 Westchester, where she acquired invaluable expertise. Her appointment at ESPN as a sports anchor in 2015 was a major turning point in her career, which she still holds today.

Dianna’s tale is proof of her resilience and capacity to adjust as she managed to combine her love of journalism and sports and succeed in both fields in the end. Her story offers hope to others who aspire to be like her by demonstrating the strength of tenacity and commitment in achieving one’s goals.

Russini’s Education 

Dianna and sports had a unique connection from the start. In softball, basketball, soccer and track, she was almost the entire squad at Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan. Her life revolved around the thrilling world of high school athletics, from early morning practices to late-night games, and was full of treasured memories spent with teammates.

Dianna chose to concentrate on football at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, after graduation. She thrived on being fully immersed in the competitive world of collegiate athletics. She didn’t stop there, though. She immersed herself in the world of sports media, taking advantage of every chance to obtain experience, in between games and classes.

From 2003 to 2005, Dianna worked as a Student Sideline Reporter at Comcast, where she gained direct experience in the fast-paced world of sports writing. It was not an easy chore to juggle interviews, game coverage, and academic obligations, but she met it head-on with her signature energy. She had no idea that those early encounters would set the stage for her eventual career as a sports broadcaster and lead to her incredible success.

Dianna Russini Age

Dianna Russini is getting closer to turning 41 in April 2024, and she’s still a talented sports writer and authority. Her career as a sports writer has been distinguished by her unshakable commitment, fortitude, and sincere love for her work. She has established herself as a reliable source in NFL reporting over the last 10 years, consistently enthralling listeners with her skill and demeanour.

Dianna Russini Height 

The adored sportscaster Dianna Russini is five feet eleven inches tall and exudes confidence in every step she takes. Even though she weighs just about 127 pounds, she has a captivating personality and obvious skill.

Her fair-colored hair drapes elegantly over her shoulders, creating a gentle, entrancing atmosphere that frames her face. Those hazel eyes, too? They give off an air of warmth and resolve, revealing a bit of her inner power.

Dianna’s estimations, which are 25-35-35 inches, flaunt her bends in the appropriate places and exhibit her devotion to her physical and mental prosperity.

With her effortless beauty and contagious energy, Dianna enthrals audiences whether she’s in the studio or on the pitch. She is more than simply a sportscaster; wherever she goes, her dominating presence makes an impression.

Dianna Russini Family

Dianna Russini cherishes her family dearly and believes they are everything. Her biggest source of inspiration and rock of support have been her parents, Rick and Camille Russini. She had a unique relationship with her sister Nicole growing up, who has been her best friend ever since they were young. The whereabouts of her younger brother are still unknown, but the Russini family built a cosy and affectionate home in Norwood, New Jersey, full of priceless moments and boundless love. Dianna’s family undoubtedly had a significant role in helping her develop into the extraordinary individual and skilled reporter she is today.

Dianna Russini’s Mother

Acquaint yourself with Dianna Russini, the enthusiastic games columnist whose infectious energy lights up the screen. Dianna was brought into the world in the Bronx, New York City, on February 11, 1983, and she has forever been glad for her American family line and esteemed her foundations. Yet, the genuine proprietor of her heart is her loved ones. 

Her caring guardians, Rick and Camille Russini, have been her immovable partners and tutors all through of her life. Dianna grins simply pondering them since they have forever been her most noteworthy good examples.

Growing up, Dianna imparted a unique cling to her sister Nicole, who has been her sidekick since the very beginning. However her more youthful sibling stays a secret, their family bond is strong. Together, they moved to Norwood, New Jersey, where they fabricated a home loaded up with affection, giggling, and treasured recollections.

For Dianna, family is everything, and their unfaltering adoration and backing play had a crucial impact in molding the fantastic individual and achieved correspondent she is today.

Dianna Russini’s private affairs

Dianna Russini’s own life is a lively mosaic of satisfaction, win, and warmth. She imparts her life to Kevin Goldschmidt, a ranking director at Shake Shack’s corporate office. Their security is a solid anchor that has endured life’s hardships and praised its victories.

Their romantic tale extended with the appearance of their two children, Michael Andrew and Joey, whose presence fills their home with chuckling and love. Dianna’s dedication to her family sparkles splendidly in each second enjoyed with her better half and young men, as they make enduring recollections and fortify the ties that tight spot them together.

In the glow and love of her everyday life, Dianna finds a significant feeling of satisfaction that rises above her expert accomplishments. She earnestly embraces the delights of life as a parent and the magnificence of organization, tracking down joy in the straightforward minutes and the affection that encompasses her.

What children does Dianna Russini have?

Amidst the pandemic in 2020, Dianna and Kevin found comfort in one another, and the next year presented to them a valuable gift: their most remarkable expansion to the family. On August 8, 2021, their beloved newborn, Michael Andrew, made his excellent entry, gauging a solid 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and estimating 20 inches long. Dianna couldn’t hold back her energy, sharing a charming photograph of Michael on Instagram and spouting about how enchanted the second was, far surpassing her assumptions.

The good fortune of Michael imparting a birthday to Dianna’s dad added an additional layer of importance to his appearance. Dianna was overpowered with feeling as she celebrated both her dad’s birthday and her child’s introduction to the world, fashioning a delightful generational association.

As their family kept on developing, Dianna and Kevin denoted their second commemoration with a bit of humor, kidding about the example of inviting another child the entire marriage. Dianna couldn’t avoid sharing her mother’s lively request to quit growing the brood, however where it counts, she loved each snapshot of their extending family.

Then, on October 11, 2023, Dianna happily reported the appearance of their most up to date beloved newborn, child Joey. She thought about the unflinching help she got from her late Granddad Joe and how Kevin has forever been her stone, putting stock in her capacities. With each new expansion, their family bond develops further, overflowing with affection, giggling, and innumerable favors.

Career of Dianna Russini

Subsequent to procuring her certification, Dianna dug into the universe of news coverage, handling her most memorable gig as a correspondent for News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley in 2007. It was there that she initial plunged her toes into the media domain, finding her talent for narrating and leveling up her abilities en route.

Her process drove her to NBC Connecticut, where she wore different caps as a games and news columnist. From covering extreme crime locations to investigating significant occasions like the Boston Long distance race bombarding, Dianna handled every story with resolute commitment and a sharp eye for detail.

In May 2015, Dianna set out on another part in her vocation, taking advantage of an astonishing chance at ESPN. Satisfying her long lasting desire, she joined the organization as an anchor and reporter for SportsCenter. With her irresistible enthusiasm and sharp investigation, Dianna immediately leaving her imprint at ESPN, turning into a natural face on famous shows like “Get Up!” and “Sunday NFL Commencement”. Her energy for sports composing radiates through in each section, separating her as a genuine champion in the field.

Net Worth of Dianna Russini

Regardless of the frequently expanded figures you could coincidentally find on the web, Dianna Russini’s actual total assets remains at a strong $5 million. Her prosperity as a games essayist, where she procured a fair pay, is the foundation of her monetary steadiness.

Reports propose that Dianna pulls in around $300,000 yearly from her job as an ESPN reporter. Her devotion and difficult work have permitted her to live serenely and receive the benefits of her work.

Dianna’s excursion to progress has been cleared earnestly and strength. Working for a top-level games network like ESPN has its advantages, and Dianna has positively capitalized on them. Her accomplishments are a demonstration of her ability and immovable responsibility, filling in as a brilliant illustration of the prizes that come from investing the hard effort.


Dianna Russini:

  • Born on February 11, 1983, in the Bronx, New York.
  • Raised in Norwood, New Jersey.
  • Played multiple sports in high school and college, including soccer at George Mason University.
  • Started her journalism career as a news reporter before transitioning to sports journalism.
  • Joined ESPN in 2015 and became well-known for her NFL reporting.
  • Left ESPN for The Athletic in August 2023 to pursue new opportunities.
  • Known for her resilience, passion, and dedication to her career.

 Kevin Goldschmidt:

  • Born on June 6, 1985, and raised in Pennsylvania and New York.
  • Graduated from Penn State University with a degree in financial science in 2007.
  • Worked in the financial industry, including positions at SEI, AmerisourceBergen, Aramark, and currently Shake Shack.
  • Married to Dianna Russini and has two children, Michael Andrew and Joey.
  • Demonstrates ambition, drive, and adaptability in his career pursuits.


Dianna Russini is a renowned sports journalist known for her work at ESPN, where she covered NFL news extensively. Her journey began in New York, where she grew up with a love for sports and journalism. She played soccer in college before transitioning to a career in journalism. Dianna’s dedication and passion led her to success at ESPN, where she became a prominent figure in sports media. In 2023, she made a career move to The Athletic to pursue new challenges. Her husband, Kevin Goldschmidt, has a background in finance and currently works at Shake Shack. They have two children together and share a strong bond as a family.


When did Dianna Russini join ESPN? 

    Dianna Russini joined ESPN in May 2015, where she became known for her coverage of NFL news.

    What is Dianna Russini’s educational background? 

      Dianna Russini attended George Mason University, where she played soccer and pursued a degree in journalism.

      How many children do Dianna Russini and Kevin Goldschmidt have? 

        Dianna Russini and Kevin Goldschmidt have two children, named Michael Andrew and Joey.

        Where does Kevin Goldschmidt currently work? 

          Kevin Goldschmidt currently works as a senior manager in the Total Rewards area at Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters.

          What prompted Dianna Russini’s move from ESPN to The Athletic? 

            Dianna Russini moved from ESPN to The Athletic in August 2023 to pursue new opportunities and challenges in her career, despite being successful at ESPN.

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