Earning Glass Beads in A Colorful Childhood: Identity V’s 2024 Event

In the scary universe of Identity V, thrilling events occur frequently. The 2024 “Glass Beads and a Colorful Childhood” was one such event. This event started on May 30th and will continue till June 12th, filling the game with nostalgia and enjoyment. But what were these Identity V Glass Beads exactly? And how did players utilize them to unlock treasures?

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What are Identity V Glass Beads?

Visualize a container full to the brim with clear glass beads, glowing as if they hold within them childhood reminiscences. These were Identity V Glass Beads, the special event currency in the Identity V Colorful Childhood event. 

Like collecting real IDV glass beads from your past years as a kid, players in Identity V set out on an adventure to collect these virtual ones and open up rewards for themselves that are stored away like hidden treasures.

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How to Earn IDV Glass Beads

Just like gathering real-life treasures, acquiring Identity V Glass Beads involved a bit of effort and dedication. Here’s how players could fill their virtual jars:

  • Daily Login: Simply logging in every day during the event period granted a handful of Glass Beads. Consistency was key!
  • Match Mania: Completing three matches daily added to your Glass Bead collection. The thrill of the hunt (and the match) provided a double dose of fun.
  • The Glass Bead Minigame: Dive into a special minigame designed just for the event. This daily activity offered another chance to accumulate precious Glass Beads.

Rewards with Every Bead

With each additional five Identity V Glass Beads gathered, players unlocked a new reward, making the process exciting and rewarding. There were a total of nine rewards up for grabs, with the most valuable requiring a collection of 45 Glass Beads. So, what kind of treasures awaited the dedicated players?

A Peek Inside the Treasure Chest

The prizes provided in the “Glass Beads and a Colorful Childhood” occasion were an enjoyable variety of personalization choices and game-related items.

  • Portraits: Express your playful nature through special portraits that reflect the spirit of youth.
  • Portrait Frames: Give your profile picture a touch of fun with colorful and themed portrait frames.
  • Other Bonuses: The event additionally gave out helpful in-game items such as fragments and other goodies for improving your playing experience.

Beyond the Beads

The “Glass Beads and a Colorful Childhood” event was not only gathering and opening rewards, but it also represented the free happiness and fascination we all felt during childhood. It reminded us about past times when life seemed easier, as well as inspired players with playful spirits that made playing the game more interesting.

A Memorable Event Concludes

While the “Glass Beads and a Colorful Childhood” event is coming close to finally ending, the memories and rewards earned by players remain. This Identity V Children’s Day update exemplified how Identity V uses creative in-game currencies and engaging activities to keep the player base invested and entertained. 

So, the next time you see a jar full of shimmering Identity V glass beads, remember the excitement of the chase and the joy of unlocking a piece of childhood within the thrilling world of Identity V.

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