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Gabriella Annalisa, a well-known TikTok personality and American beauty, hails from Florida. For her TikTok recordings, Gabriella Annalisa is notable. She uploads videos to her TikTok account that feature lip syncs and are related to travel. 

Gabriella Annalisa has a large following and a lot of fans on the well-known platform for short videos, TikTok. An online entertainment powerhouse, Gabriella Annalisa has 445k Instagram devotees as of December 2021. Moreover notable for her dazzling appearance and hot attitude is Gabriella Annalisa.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Height

Gabriella Annalisa stands at approximately 1.63 meters in height, or 5 feet 3 inches. Gabriella has had a significant impact on social media, particularly on TikTok and Instagram, despite her diminutive stature. Her level doesn’t restrict her from drawing in an alluring substance that reverberates with her crowd. 

In point of fact, her presence on screen and in photographs demonstrates that her confidence and enthusiasm for her work outweigh her height. Gabriella’s level is a contributing element to her enchanting allure and adds to her unmistakable search in the domain of virtual entertainment powerhouses. As a TikTok star, she has excelled at dazzling her crowd with her imagination and expressive style, no matter what her level.

Gabriella Annalisa’s net worth

As of 2023, Gabriella Annalisa’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million. The year before, she had approximately $0.5 million in the bank. Web-based entertainment stages, brand supports, advertisements, displaying, and undertakings are her essential types of revenue. 

Her wealth is expected to rise in the coming years as her career progresses. Aside from that, she used her Instagram account to promote a variety of swimwear, lingerie, apparel, makeup, and other brands. She has drawn in a large number of supporters on the application to date.

Who is Gabriella Annalisa’s?

American virtual entertainment big name and Instagram and TikTok star Gabriella. She became well-known for posting videos on TikTok of her dancing and lip-syncing. 

A great many individuals have seen her TikTok recordings. She has a channel with the same name on YouTube with travel videos, fashion hauls, and vlogs that have thousands of subscribers. On Instagram, Gabriella is very active.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Biography

Gabriella Annalisa is a popular social media star and TikTok star. She had for practically forever needed to be a superstar, so she began her profession on the melodic application TikTok early on. Gabriella began uploading dance, comedy, and lip-sync videos to TikTok. 

Her TikTok recordings step by step drew individuals’ consideration and aided her fame. She presently has a great many supporters on the application and is viewed as one of California’s top substance makers. Gabriella takes a shot at Youtube subsequent to becoming popular on TikTok. In any case, she sent off her self-named YouTube channel on August 14, 2011.

 She uploaded her first video to YouTube on November 28, 2019, titled “FOREIGN YOUTUBER TRIES AMERICAN CANDY! Ft. Jesse Heffels,” to her channel. Viewers gave the video positive feedback, which inspired her to make more videos. “Karina and Anna are dating? ft. Anna Shumate and Jordan Beckham” is one of her most-seen YouTube recordings, with a few thousand perspectives.


Full nameGabriella Annalisa
Date of birthMarch 13, 2001
Age22 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signPisces
Place of birthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Current residenceMiami, Florida, USA
Height (feet)5’7″
Height (cm)170
Weight (pounds)121
Weight (kg)55
Body measurements (inches)34-28-35
Body measurements (cm)86-71-89
Hair colourBrunette (dyed blonde)
Eye colourHazel
Relationship statusDating, with boyfriend Dennis Carroll
High SchoolCouncil Rock High School South
ProfessionTikTok star, model, entrepreneur, social media influencer
Net worth$700,000

Gabriella Annalisa’s Education

Gabriella Annalisa’s education provides a strong foundation for her varied career. She probably fostered her inclinations and abilities at Board Rock Secondary School South. 

This great time, spent in the educational environment, may have contributed basically to embellishment her way as a TikTok star, model, business visionary, and virtual diversion force to be reckoned with. 

The years after high school frequently serve as developmental periods during which students cultivate the skills necessary for their future endeavors and investigate their interests. 

Gabriella’s success and accomplishments in the computerized and pioneering communities were probably influenced by this educational foundation, demonstrating the significance of education in fostering personal and professional growth.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Age

As per her birthdate, Gabriella Annalisa is 21 years of age. Per her horoscope, she is a Pisces. Gabriella Annalisa was born on March 13, 2001, in California, USA. About her tutoring and early years, barely much is known. 

While she was still in school, she participated in a variety of fashion and dance competitions. She decided to become famous as soon as she became interested in it.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Personal life

Gabriella Annalisa’s personal life reflects a balance between her commitment to keeping a close relationship with her loved ones and her successful career as a social media influencer. Gabriella prefers to keep her private life relatively low-key, despite the public attention she receives from her activities on Instagram and TikTok. 

This approach permits her to deal with her rising popularity while remaining grounded. Gabriella’s relationship with her sweetheart has been a steady piece of her own life. Although the name of her boyfriend has not been made public, the fact that they have been together for more than two years suggests a committed relationship. 

The couple frequently partakes in voyaging and getting to know each other, sharing looks at their undertakings via online entertainment. Their relationship appears to be strong and marked by affection and support from one another. Past her heartfelt life, Gabriella Annalisa has an enthusiasm for design, excellence, and travel, which she investigates through her online entertainment stages. 

Her Instagram account frequently showcases her style, with pictures of her glamorous looks and trendy outfits. As well as sharing her expert accomplishments, Gabriella utilizes her foundation to interface with her devotees on an individual level, infrequently sharing minutes from her daily existence. 

Regardless of her developing prominence, Gabriella stays zeroed in on her vocation and self-improvement. While maintaining time for herself and her loved ones, she continues to work on her content creation, modeling, and brand collaborations. Her success and continued popularity are both a result of her well-balanced approach to both her personal and professional lives.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Family

The upbringing of Gabriella Annalisa’s family has had a significant impact on her development as a TikTok personality and social media star. Although little is known about her immediate family, it is clear that their encouragement and support have been important to her career. 

Her family probably empowered her inventiveness and energy for performing, laying the basis for her prosperity on stages like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Experiencing childhood in California, Gabriella was presented to a different social climate that molded her inclinations and imaginative tendencies. In spite of her growing fame, it’s likely that the values and direction she received from her family helped her stay grounded. 

Relatives frequently act as a wellspring of solidarity and motivation, and for Gabriella, this help might have been instrumental in her accomplishing her fantasies. Despite the lack of specific information about Gabriella’s parents and siblings, their significance to her life cannot be denied. 

She might have had the self-assurance to pursue a career in the competitive social media industry because of the close-knit family environment. They might have taught her the discipline and work ethic she needed to succeed in her chosen field. 

By and large, Gabriella Annalisa’s family has been a foundation of her life, giving the profound and moral help important for her excursion as a substance maker and virtual entertainment powerhouse. 

While her public persona is lively and friendly, the relational peculiarity in the background is probably a pivotal component adding to her steadiness and achievement.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Career

Gabriella Annalisa’s profession as a virtual entertainment star started when she joined TikTok, a stage that permits clients to make and share brief video cuts. Her first videos were lip-sync, dancing, and comedy videos. Her lively personality and engaging style quickly got people’s attention. 

Gabriella expanded her social media presence to Instagram as her TikTok popularity increased, where she gained thousands of followers by posting captivating images and promotional content. Her prosperity on TikTok drove her to make a YouTube channel, where she shared video blogs, design takes, and travel recordings. 

“FOREIGN YOUTUBER TRIES AMERICAN CANDY! “is the channel’s first video. Ft. “Jesse Heffels” was published in 2019 and was well-received. From that point forward, Gabriella has kept on making assorted content, drawing in her crowd with different subjects and coordinated efforts with other powerhouses. Gabriella has utilized her popularity for brand endorsements and modeling, in addition to creating content for social media platforms. 

On her Instagram account, she promotes swimwear, lingerie, apparel, makeup, and other brands, which contribute to her overall income and net worth. Reflecting her versatility as a social media influencer, her growing career in social media has also led to business ventures and other commercial opportunities. 

As her profession keeps on developing, Gabriella’s connection with content and one of a kind style are supposed to draw in many more supporters and open new entryways for her in the computerized media outlet.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Relationship

Gabriella is dating as of the year 2023. She is unmarried and has been in a serious relationship for quite a long time. Gabriella is currently dating an unidentified boyfriend. 

Over the past two years, they have been together. However it is obscure the way that they met, we realize they are profoundly enamored and focused on one another. The couple has been seen together on vacation, so it’s possible they have different plans. 

The couple appears to have settled for one another and love each other very much, and they are very content in their relationship. The public cannot access such information about any previous relationships. Her boyfriend is unknown to anyone.


Full Name: Gabriella Annalisa

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.63 meters)

Nationality: American

Occupation: TikTok star, social media influencer, model

Instagram Followers: 445k as of December 2021

TikTok Content: Lip-syncing, dancing, travel-related videos

YouTube Channel: Gabriella Annalisa’s self-titled channel, featuring vlogs, fashion hauls, and travel videos

Net Worth: Approximately $1.5 million as of 2023

Boyfriend: Currently in a relationship with an unnamed boyfriend


Gabriella Annalisa, a popular American TikTok star and social media influencer, is known for her creative videos and engaging content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Despite her petite height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.63 meters), Gabriella has made a significant impact in the social media world. Her TikTok videos often feature lip-syncing, dancing, and travel-related content, captivating a large audience and establishing her as a prominent figure in the digital entertainment industry.


How tall is Gabriella Annalisa?

Gabriella Annalisa is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall, which is about 1.63 meters.

What type of content does Gabriella Annalisa create on TikTok?

Gabriella Annalisa creates a variety of content on TikTok, including lip-syncing, dancing, comedy, and travel-related videos.

What is Gabriella Annalisa’s net worth?

As of 2023, Gabriella Annalisa’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1.5 million.

What other platforms is Gabriella Annalisa active on?

In addition to TikTok, Gabriella Annalisa is active on Instagram, with 445k followers as of December 2021, and on YouTube, where she shares vlogs, fashion hauls, and travel videos.

Is Gabriella Annalisa in a relationship?

Yes, Gabriella Annalisa is in a committed relationship with an unnamed boyfriend. They have been together for over two years.

Where is Gabriella Annalisa from?

Gabriella Annalisa is from Florida, United States.

Does Gabriella Annalisa collaborate with other influencers?

Yes, Gabriella Annalisa collaborates with other influencers and content creators, both on TikTok and YouTube.

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