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Jonathan Roumie Introduction

Jonathan Roumie is an American entertainer, voice craftsman, essayist, as well as a maker. Furthermore, alongside this, he is likewise an Instagram powerhouse and has an enormous following on the stage. 

He accomplished acclaim in light of his works like Hotshot, Chicago Prescription, and The Picked. The rundown of his works is extremely lengthy, however these are the ones that have gotten him the most love. 

Jonathan Roumie – American entertainer, voice craftsman, author Jonathan comes from a rural piece of New York with a different foundation. He made his presentation in 2001 in a film named “Be My Sibling.

” Also, until this point, he has worked in various motion pictures like Demise Abandoning, Days Gone, Thought, The Mindy Task, Phantom of Wave, etc. He has also appeared in numerous television shows.

Jonathan Roumie wife

Jonathan Roumie’s marital status has changed recently, according to reports. The actor is said to have married Hannah Vanorman just recently. The two of them met at a get-together by some coincidence and found that both have comparative interests and values throughout everyday life, and afterward, with time, both came close, dated each other for a short time frame, and afterward came to marriage very soon. 

The couple met by chance at an occasion, and due to their normal interest throughout everyday life, they began seeing each other consistently, which bit by bit united the two individuals. 

The two of them understood with time that they had viewed as their unique one in one another and were in this way hitched in June 2020. Their story started with sharing a typical interest throughout everyday life, except before long ended up being supporting each other through various challenges throughout everyday life. 

What’s more, one of their normal advantages, which is voyaging and experience, made their bond a lot more grounded, as well as a lifetime bond.

Who is Jonathan Roumie?


Jonathan Roumie, a name that has become inseparable from the depiction of Jesus Christ in the famous series “The Picked,” has seen a critical ascent in his notoriety and total assets throughout the long term.

This article plans to give a top to bottom examination of Jonathan Roumie’s total assets in 2024, his vocation, and the elements adding to his abundance

Jonathan Roumie Biography

Jonathan Roumie has two senior siblings, Anthony and Raymond. All through his acting profession, Roumie’s family has been an unflinching wellspring of help, continuously uplifting him to seek after his fantasies and remaining by him through each undertaking. 

Roumie frequently offers profound thanks for his family, thinking of them as his “rock” and feeling hugely honored to have them in his day to day existence. Jonathan Roumie comes from a very close family that has been essential to his life and vocation.

He was raised with love and support from his Lebanese immigrants parents in New York City when he was born. His dad, Sam Roumie, made progress in business, while his mom, Mary Roumie, committed herself to their home. With two more seasoned siblings, Anthony and Raymond, Jonathan encountered the obligations of fraternity almost immediately.

All along, Roumie’s family embraced his energy for acting, giving faithful support and remaining by him through each tryout and job. He frequently discusses them as his bedrock, offering thanks for their presence in his life. Past his close family, Roumie keeps up major areas of strength for with his lengthy family members, including various cousins, aunties, and uncles. 

He esteems the time enjoyed with them, savoring the glow of family social affairs. For Roumie, family isn’t simply an emotionally supportive network yet a wellspring of solidarity and euphoria. He holds dear the minutes imparted to friends and family and fortunes their relentless pride in his accomplishments. As a gave family man, Roumie finds satisfaction in the affection and friendship his family gives.


Full NameJonathan Roumie
Date of Birth1 July 1974
Age (2024)49 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA
Alma MaterSchool of Visual Arts
Height6’ (183 cm)
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$2 million
SourceBriefly – Jonathan Roumie’s Wife

Jonathan Roumie Education

Jonathan Roumie’s instructive excursion established the groundwork for his profession in media outlets. He began his education in the city where he was born and raised, New York. His initial openness to the energetic culture of the city probably affected his advantage in human expression, which he would later seek after with extraordinary devotion. 

Roumie went to the School of Visual Expressions (SVA), an esteemed foundation known for its emphasis on the innovative and visual expressions. SVA has gained notoriety for cultivating ability and empowering development, furnishing understudies with the abilities and motivation expected to prevail in their picked fields. 

Roumie gained a profound appreciation for the creative process while attending SVA, which he would carry with him throughout his career. His schooling at SVA permitted Roumie to investigate a scope of imaginative disciplines, including acting, voice acting, composing, and creating. The far reaching educational plan and functional preparation at the School of Visual Expressions outfitted him with the devices and procedures important to flourish in media outlets. 

Through his examinations, Roumie acquired important bits of knowledge into the inventive flow and fostered a flexible range of abilities that would work well for him in his acting vocation. The training he got at SVA, combined with his inborn ability and energy for artistic expression, laid the basis for his future achievement.

Jonathan Roumie Age

Jonathan Roumie, brought into the world on July 1, 1974, in New York City, New York, is 49 years of age starting around 2024. His age mirrors an abundance of involvement and achievements in media outlets. Referred to for his job as Jesus Christ in the widely praised series “The Picked,” Roumie has turned into a noticeable figure in film and TV. 

Since leaving on his acting profession, Roumie has earned respect for his ability and flexibility, showing up in a scope of tasks from TV programs to motion pictures. Roumie has demonstrated that age is just a number, despite the demands of his career, as he continues to captivate audiences with his performances.

Jonathan Roumie Height

Jonathan George Roumie remains at a level of 5 feet 9 inches, with a load of roughly 165 pounds (75 kg). He has enthralling dull earthy colored eyes and hair, which supplement his general appearance. Jonathan exudes a charming presence on and off the screen thanks to his trim build.

Jonathan Roumie Personal life

It’s normal for VIPs like Jonathan Roumie to look for shelter from the spotlight with regards to their own lives, including insights concerning their mates or accomplices. This choice is frequently made to shield friends and family from the extreme investigation of the media and public, which can once in a while be overpowering. 

While Jonathan is open about his confidence and expert undertakings via web-based entertainment and in interviews, he purposely keeps up with security with regards to his family and cozy connections. 

By keeping this part of his life out of the public eye, Jonathan can make limits and protect the closeness of these unique interactions. This permits him to explore the requests of acclaim while protecting the security and prosperity of his friends and family.

Jonathan Roumie Family

At the point when people discuss superstar couples like Hannah Vanorman and Jonathan Roumie, the subject of children frequently comes up. They seem to have been pretty open about wanting to have children in the future. Yet, last I heard, they haven’t had any little ones join their team right now, whether through reception or differently. 

With regards to superstar couples like Hannah Vanorman and Jonathan Roumie, the subject of youngsters frequently surfaces. Two or three wants to begin a family later on. Be that as it may, as of the most recent updates, they have not yet invited any youngsters into their lives through reception etc.

While Hannah and Jonathan have shared their desires for being a parent, they are taking as much time as necessary to explore this significant choice. In the same way as other couples, they might be trusting that the right second will grow their family and guarantee that they can give a cherishing and sustaining climate for their future kids. Hannah and Jonathan have been vocal about their fantasies about being guardians, yet they’re taking as much time as necessary with it. In the same way as other couples, they’re presumably attempting to sort out the perfect opportunity to make that huge stride. 

They need to ensure they’re completely ready to give their future youngsters all the adoration and mind they merit. In this way, until further notice, they’re simply taking things slow and appreciating each other’s conversation.

Jonathan Roumie Career

Before we look into Jonathan Roumie’s own life, we should pause for a minute to see the value in his excursion in the diversion world. Jonathan’s been there, done that in acting, carrying his ability to both the of all shapes and sizes screens throughout the long term. However, it was his job as Jesus Christ in “The Picked” that truly placed him at the center of attention. 

Individuals couldn’t get enough of his depiction of the notorious scriptural figure. Pundits and watchers the same were praising him enthusiastically, and his exhibition evoked an emotional response from crowds all over the place. It is safe to say that he has established himself as a well-respected actor in the industry. 

Roumie has featured in a few different movies and Network programs past The Picked. The following are a portion of his acting credits:

Jonathan Roumie Net Worth


As indicated by Superstar Total assets, Jonathan Roumie’s total assets is assessed to be around $2 million. He earns the majority of his money from acting roles, where he has established a name for himself. 

Jonathan’s been in the game for some time, taking on different jobs in films, Television programs, and perhaps a couple of different ventures to a great extent. With all that experience added to his repertoire, it’s nothing unexpected his ledger’s looking really solid.

Jonathan Roumie Relationship

Hannah VanOrman, Jonathan Roumie’s better half, was brought into the world on January 31, 1984, making her 40 years of age. Initially from Green Valley, Illinois, she spent her early stages in this affectionate American people group. By and by, she dwells in Peoria, Illinois, according to her Facebook profile.

Distinguishing as American with white identity, Hannah is the little girl of David and Sarah VanOrman. She grew up close by her sister, Cydil VanOrman, in a closely knit family climate. 

However insights regarding her life as a youngster are scant, it’s obvious she imparts major areas of strength for a to her mom and sister. Notwithstanding, her life took a huge turn with the deficiency of her dad in 2018, denoting a significant second for her. 

Hannah has previously talked about working at Schunks Grocery Store, but she hasn’t said much about her education. Her expert undertakings, similar as her own life, mirror a devotion and obligation to her interests.


Name: Jonathan Roumie

Profession: Actor, Voice Artist, Writer, Producer

Best Known For: Portraying Jesus Christ in the series “The Chosen”

Marriage: Jonathan Roumie is married to Hannah VanOrman. The couple tied the knot in June 2020 after dating for a brief period.

Meeting Story: They met at a social event and quickly connected due to shared interests and values.

Joint Interests: They enjoy traveling and adventure, which helped strengthen their bond.

Family Aspirations: While they have expressed a desire to start a family, they have not yet welcomed any children.

Privacy: Both Jonathan and Hannah prefer to keep their personal lives private, protecting their relationship from public scrutiny.

Reside: Hannah VanOrman is from Green Valley, Illinois, and currently lives in Peoria, Illinois.


Jonathan Roumie, a prominent actor known for his role as Jesus Christ in the hit series “The Chosen,” is married to Hannah VanOrman. The couple met at a social event and quickly realized they shared similar interests and values. Their relationship blossomed over time, leading to their marriage in June 2020. Although Jonathan’s work often places him in the public eye, he and his wife prefer to keep their personal lives private. They have expressed a desire to start a family, but as of now, they have not welcomed any children.


Who is Jonathan Roumie married to?

Jonathan Roumie is married to Hannah VanOrman. They got married in June 2020.

How did Jonathan Roumie and Hannah VanOrman meet?

They met at a social event and bonded over shared interests and values.

Does Jonathan Roumie have children?

No, Jonathan Roumie and his wife, Hannah, have not yet welcomed any children.

What does Hannah VanOrman do for a living?

Specifics about her career are not widely disclosed, but she has mentioned working at Schunks Grocery Store.

Where do Jonathan Roumie and Hannah VanOrman live?

They live in Peoria, Illinois.

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