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Kevin Selleck: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family,  And More


Kevin Selleck, an American entertainer and performer, endured a wild childhood set apart by huge difficulties. The separation of his folks during his early stages left a significant effect on the little fellow, acquainting him with a world full of vulnerability and personal strife. Be that as it may, a beam of trust arose when his mom remarried Tom Selleck, a prestigious entertainer and maker, offering Kevin a similarity to soundness in the midst of the commotion. 

In spite of the similarity to security, Kevin’s process was nowhere near smooth, with various obstacles experienced both in his own life and vocation. At 22 years old, he faced an imposing fight with liquor addiction, a battle that required his admission to the Betty Portage rehabilitation clinic in quest for recuperating and recuperation.

Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck, initially conceived Kevin S. Shepard in 1966 in the USA, remains as an American entertainer and performer. At 57 years of age in 2024, he has explored a daily existence loaded up with both individual and expert difficulties. 

In spite of his heredity and the relationship with his stepfather, the regarded entertainer Tom Selleck, Kevin’s process has been set apart by battles, incorporating fights with liquor abuse during his more youthful years. These obstacles, woven into the texture of his life, have added to molding his strength and assurance as he keeps on cutting his own way in media outlets.


Tom Selleck, famous for his productive acting vocation traversing many years, has made a permanent imprint on the American amusement scene with his notorious jobs in the two motion pictures and TV programs, especially during the 1980s. Inside his family circle, including his embraced child Kevin Selleck, a few individuals have likewise made huge commitments to media outlets. 

In any case, not at all like his dad, Kevin’s life has become wrapped in a cover of secret, with his unexpected vanishing from general visibility as of late starting interest and hypothesis among fans and media the same. In this aide, we plan to reveal some insight into the confounding existence of Kevin Selleck, investigating why are his excursion and current whereabouts known. Go along with us as we disentangle the charming account of Kevin Selleck’s life.


Birth NameKevin S. Shepard
Date of Birth1966
Place of BirthUSA
Age57 years old (as of 2024)
Height6 feet 3 inches
Step-fatherTom Selleck
MotherJacqueline Ray
ProfessionActor and Musician
Net Worth$18 million


Kevin finished his secondary school training in Los Angeles, California, establishing the groundwork for his future interests. It was during this time that he found his enthusiasm for music, in the end driving him to join a musical gang. 

Embracing the energetic music scene of Los Angeles, Kevin leveled up his abilities and tracked down his place inside the unique universe of rock and roll. This crucial second denoted the start of his excursion into the domain of music, making way for his ensuing undertakings and commitments to the business.


Conceived Kevin S. Shepard in 1966 in the USA, Kevin Selleck celebrates 57 years of life starting around 2024. His excursion during that time has been set apart by different undertakings and encounters, molding the individual he is today. In spite of the spotlight frequently beaming on his stepfather, the prestigious entertainer Tom Selleck, Kevin has cut his own way in media outlets, making some meaningful difference through his work as both an entertainer and a performer. As he keeps on exploring the always changing scene of the big time, Kevin’s strength and assurance act as demonstrations of his persevering through enthusiasm for his specialty.


Standing tall at a great level of 6 feet 3 inches, Kevin Selleck orders consideration with his overwhelming height. This actual trait adds to his presence as well as adds to the charm of his on-screen exhibitions. With such an ordering level, Kevin has a characteristic benefit that complements his mystique and flexibility as an entertainer and performer. Whether gracing the stage or dazzling crowds on screen, his transcending figure without a doubt has an enduring effect, further improving his allure in the domain of diversion.

Family Background:

Kevin Selleck’s mother is former model Jacqueline Ray. While details about Kevin’s biological father are scarce, he was born in 1966 to Jacqueline. With American nationality and a mixed-race heritage, Kevin’s upbringing took a significant turn when Jacqueline married actor Tom Selleck. On August 7, 1987, Tom officially adopted Kevin, solidifying their familial bond. Throughout his life, Tom has provided unwavering support to Kevin, stepping into the role of a loving father figure. Additionally, Kevin shares a step-sister, Hannah Margaret Selleck, further enriching their familial dynamics.


Kevin’s endeavor into the universe of music started in 1993 when he turned into an individual from the American musical crew, Tonic, where his cadenced ability tracked down articulation through his drumming gifts. This melodic excursion arrived at a crescendo with the arrival of the band’s presentation collection, “Lemon March,” in 1996, an achievement highlighted by the graph beating outcome of their single, “If You Could See.” 

The melody reverberated with crowds all over, impelling Tonic into the spotlight and establishing their status as a considerable power in the music scene. Regardless of the band’s brilliant ascent, their process together was not without its portion of difficulties, at last prompting their disintegration, leaving fans and industry insiders astounded by the conditions encompassing their separation. Courageous by this mishap, Kevin stayed unafraid in his quest for creative satisfaction. 

Changing consistently into the domain of acting, he transformed the little screen with a vital presentation in the famous television series, “Magnum, private investigator,” in 1987. His exhibition earned consideration and praise, making way for a promising vocation before the camera. Embracing the difficulties and open doors that came his direction, Kevin’s introduction to acting turned into a demonstration of his flexibility and assurance to cut his own way in media outlets. 

As the drapes shut on one part of his vocation, Kevin’s process kept on unfurling with each new undertaking and opportunity that came his direction. Through the ups and downs, he stayed undaunted in his obligation to his specialty, diverting his energy and flexibility into each job and execution. With each undertaking, Kevin’s inheritance as both a performer and entertainer kept on developing, making a permanent imprint on the hearts and psyches of crowds all over the planet.

Net Worth:

Kevin Selleck’s total assets is purportedly esteemed at $18 million, a significant aggregate gathered through his undertakings in both acting and music. This monetary achievement highlights his achievements and commitments to media outlets. 

In the meantime, his stepfather, Tom Selleck, gloats a noteworthy total assets assessed at $45 million, a demonstration of his persevering through profession and status as quite possibly Hollywood’s most notorious figure. Tom’s abundance mirrors his life span and outcome in the business, setting his situation as a conspicuous and wealthy character inside the domain of diversion.


Kevin Selleck, conceived Kevin S. Shepard in 1966, is an American entertainer and performer known for his violent yet tough excursion through life. In spite of confronting critical individual difficulties, including the separation of his folks and a fight with liquor abuse, Kevin has transformed media outlets. He is the embraced child of prestigious entertainer Tom Selleck, who gave him security during his turbulent early years. Kevin’s vocation incorporates commitments to both music and acting, having been an individual from the band Tonic and showing up in the TV series “Magnum, private investigator” His story is one of constancy and assurance, exploring the intricacies of acclaim and individual battles to cut out his own way.


  • Birth Name: Kevin S. Shepard
  • Date of Birth: 1966
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Age: 57 years old (as of 2024)
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Spouse: Annabelle
  • Step-father: Tom Selleck
  • Mother: Jacqueline Ray
  • Profession: Actor and Musician
  • Net Worth: $18 million
  • Education: Completed secondary school in Los Angeles, California
  • Career Highlights: Member of the band Tonic, actor in “Magnum, P.I.”
  • Challenges: Struggled with alcoholism and attended the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic


Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and musician, born Kevin S. Shepard in 1966. He is known for his roles in the band Tonic and the television series “Magnum, P.I.” He is the adopted son of actor Tom Selleck.

What is Kevin Selleck’s background?

Kevin Selleck was born to former model Jacqueline Ray in 1966. His parents divorced early in his life, and he was later adopted by his stepfather, actor Tom Selleck.

What is Kevin Selleck’s height?

Kevin Selleck stands 6 feet 3 inches tall.

What personal challenges has Kevin Selleck faced?

Kevin Selleck struggled with alcoholism, which led to his admission to the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic at the age of 22.

What are Kevin Selleck’s career achievements?

Kevin Selleck was a drummer for the band Tonic, which released the successful album “Lemon Parade” in 1996. He also appeared in the television series “Magnum, P.I.”

Who is Kevin Selleck’s stepfather?

Kevin Selleck’s stepfather is Tom Selleck, a renowned actor and producer.

What is Kevin Selleck’s net worth?

Kevin Selleck’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million.

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