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Behind the Scenes with Madison LeCroy: Unveiling the Woman Beyond the Screen

How old is Madison LeCroy?

Madison LeCroy, who was brought into the world on October 6, 1990, under the indication of Libra, will be 31 years of age beginning in 2022.Libras are known for their appeasing nature, allure, and love for understanding. As a Libra, Madison might have these qualities, which could add to her capacity to explore connections and social circumstances with elegance. All through her life, she has likely encountered the impact of Libra’s trademark qualities, remembering a craving for reasonableness and equilibrium for all parts of her life. These prophetic experiences offer a brief look into Madison’s character and the way that it might impact her collaborations and choices.

Who is Madison LeCroy’s

The heartfelt story of Madison LeCroy and her lover started in Scottsdale, Arizona, during a vital Unhitched female party with her lady friends. It was there, in the midst of the lively environment of the city, that destiny mediated and united them. Madison affectionately reviews the second they locked eyes from across the room, a flash touching off between them immediately. She distinctively depicts him as “totally staggering,” a presence difficult to ignore. In spite of the charming experience, not much is been aware of Randle, as he keeps a confidential life away from the glare of virtual entertainment stages. However, his puzzling appeal just adds to the interest encompassing their romantic tale, leaving numerous inquisitive about the one who caught Madison’s heart.

Madison LeCroy’s bio 

Madison LeCroy, known for her appearances on the unscripted television show Southern Appeal, hails from the US, brought into the world to her folks Tara and Ted LeCroy. Growing up, Madison was encircled by the adoration for her family, which included two more established kin. As the most youthful individual from her family, Madison partook in an affectionate childhood with her kin, loving the bond they shared. Her family gave a steady climate where she took in the upsides of adoration, faithfulness, and diligence. These early encounters formed Madison’s personality and imparted in her a solid feeling of family esteems that she conveys with her right up ’til now.

How tall is Madison LeCroy? 

Madison LeCroy remains at a level of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) and keeps a load of 114 pounds (52 kgs). Past her actual qualities, Madison is perceived for her gifts as a talented hair and cosmetics craftsman. She earned broad respect through her appearances on the unscripted television show Southern Appeal, where she displayed her character and abilities to crowds. Notwithstanding her expert interests, Madison is likewise a given mother, adjusting her profession with the delights of parenthood. As of now, she is locked in to Brett Randle, denoting another section in her own life. With a different scope of gifts and encounters, Madison keeps on enrapturing crowds and transform the world.


Full NameMadison LeCroy
NicknameThe Blonde Whisperer
Date of Birth6th October 1990
Age31 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthGreenville, South Carolina, USA
Current ResidenceCharleston, South Carolina, USA
Height (feet)5’4″
Height (cm)162
Weight (lbs)114
Weight (kg)52
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue
MotherTara LeCroy
FatherTed LeCroy
Relationship StatusEngaged
FiancéeBrett Randle
CollegeCarolina College of Hair Design
ProfessionReality TV personality, entrepreneur, and hairstylist
Net Worth$1.5 million

What does Madison LeCroy do for a living?

Madison LeCroy wears many caps in her expert life, being perceived as an unscripted television star, skilled hair and cosmetics craftsman, and wise finance manager. Notwithstanding, it’s her job in the hit unscripted television show Southern Appeal that has really impelled her into the spotlight. Madison originally graced the screens of crowds in 2015 when she made her presentation on the show. From that point forward, she has dazzled watchers with her dynamic character, sincere disposition, and important appearances on the series. Past her TV tries, Madison’s abilities as a hair and cosmetics craftsman have gathered recognition, exhibiting her ability and imagination in the magnificence business. Moreover, her enterprising soul has driven her to investigate different undertakings, exhibiting her drive and aspiration past the domain of amusement. As she keeps on influencing the universe of unscripted television and then some, Madison LeCroy stays a powerful awe-inspiring phenomenon, rousing others with her multi-layered gifts and enduring assurance.

Madison LeCroy made her presentation on the television series Southern Appeal in its subsequent season, showing up in the episode named “Shep-Istotle.” While her underlying appearance was brief, it denoted the start of her excursion on the show. She later returned for another episode named “Pioneer’s Fight” in 2016, further hardening her presence in the series. Past her TV tries, Madison is likewise a sagacious money manager. She co-possesses Expert’s salon, a shop style salon situated in midtown Charleston, where she puts her abilities as an expert cosmetics craftsman and hairdresser to great use. Cooperating with her business partner Meg McMillion, Madison directs the tasks of the salon, taking special care of clients looking for first class excellence administrations. Notwithstanding her salon obligations, Madison likewise outsources as a cosmetics craftsman, having some expertise in different regions, for example, haircutting, cosmetics for print, web, TV, and weddings. Her different gifts and innovative soul have assisted her with cutting out an effective vocation both on and off the screen.

Who is Madison LeCroy dating?

Madison LeCroy found love startlingly with Brett Randle, whom she is currently drawn in to. Their heartfelt excursion started in April 2021 during a night out with companions in Arizona. Madison reviews it as a snapshot of moment association, depicting it as head over heels love. Notwithstanding their hurricane sentiment, the couple took as much time as is needed to support their relationship throughout a half year prior to venturing out into commitment. The actual proposition shocked Madison, as she hadn’t expected it happening when it did. Brett organized a paramount and private proposition, surprising Madison during her thought process was a straightforward birthday supper at home. With her child energetically bouncing around, Brett bowed down and requested that Madison be his accomplice forever, making a lovely and valued second that they’ll both recall until the end of time.

They Got Married Last Year

Madison and Brett’s relationship took off quickly following their commitment, as they dove further into one another’s lives and embraced their recently discovered relational peculiarity. Brett immediately framed areas of strength for a with Madison’s child, Hudson, ending up a cherishing and caring stepfather figure. Madison, an individual from the Southern Appeal cast, communicated her reverence for Brett, featuring his sustaining characteristics by certifying, “he would deal with me, he would deal with [my son] Hudson. I have a good sense of security with him.” Their adoration bloomed further when they bought a roomy four-room home in rural Charleston in Walk 2022, denoting a huge move toward their excursion together. The couple’s obligation to one another finished in not one yet two weddings in November 2022; they previously ran off secretly and afterward praised their association with a proper wedding function, setting their affection and responsibility before loved ones.

Are Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll together?

Madison LeCroy and her previous accomplice, Austen Kroll, have headed out in different directions, cutting off their friendship in December 2020. Their heartfelt excursion was set apart by high points and low points, with this separation denoting one more section in their wild history. Before their split in 2020, the couple had recently encountered a separation in 2018. One critical occurrence that stressed their relationship was when Madison got Austen in bed with two different ladies. Notwithstanding, Austen protected himself by making sense of that this happened during the beginning phases of their relationship. In spite of their endeavors to accommodate, it appears to be their relationship at last arrived at its end, passing on the two players to explore their different ways ahead.

Who is Madison LeCroy’s baby daddy?

Madison LeCroy’s previous accomplice and father of her youngster is named Josh Hughes. The couple sealed the deal and burned through five years together before their relationship reached a conclusion in 2015. Regardless of heading out in different directions sincerely, Josh stays a serious dad to their child. The several has settled on joint guardianship, showing a devotion to co-nurturing and giving the best childhood to their youngster. Madison and Josh’s child is named Hudson, and together, they explore the difficulties and delights of life as a parent, guaranteeing that Hudson gets love and backing from the two guardians.

Madison LeCroy’s Net worth

As per different sources, Madison, the sovereign of the South, is assessed to have a total assets of $1.5 million of every 2023. While she recently made her living as a hair specialist and cosmetics craftsman, she presently rounds up an attractive pay from her job on the show. Reports propose that she procures a strong $25,000 per episode, adding to her developing riches and laying out her as an unmistakable figure in media outlets.


  1. Madison LeCroy was born on October 6, 1990, making her 31 years old as of 2022.
  2. She is a Libra, known for traits such as diplomacy, charm, and a love for harmony.
  3. Madison hails from Greenville, South Carolina, USA, where she was raised by her parents Tara and Ted LeCroy.
  4. Madison is the youngest of three siblings and grew up surrounded by love and family values.
  5. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) and weighs 114 pounds (52 kgs).
  6. Madison is a talented hair and makeup artist, specializing in various areas such as hair cutting, makeup for print, web, TV, and weddings.
  7. She made her debut on the reality TV show Southern Charm in 2015, where she quickly gained popularity among viewers.
  8. Madison co-owns Maven’s salon, a boutique-style salon located in downtown Charleston, showcasing her expertise in the beauty industry.
  9. She is engaged to Brett Randle, with whom she shares a strong bond and a commitment to building a future together.
  10. Madison’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2023, primarily stemming from her career in reality TV and entrepreneurship.


Who is Madison LeCroy dating?

Madison LeCroy is currently engaged to Brett Randle. The couple first met in April 2021 during a night out with friends in Arizona, and their relationship quickly blossomed from there.

Are Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll together?

Madison LeCroy and her former partner, Austen Kroll, parted ways in December 2020 after experiencing a tumultuous relationship. Despite efforts to reconcile, they ultimately went their separate ways.

Who is Madison LeCroy’s baby daddy?

Madison LeCroy’s former partner and father of her child is named Josh Hughes. The couple ended their relationship in 2015 but remain committed to co-parenting their son, Hudson.

What is Madison LeCroy’s net worth?

Madison LeCroy’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million as of 2023. She earns a significant income from her role on Southern Charm, along with her ventures in the beauty industry.


Madison LeCroy, a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and skilled hair and makeup artist, gained fame through her appearances on Southern Charm. Raised in Greenville, South Carolina, she is the youngest of three siblings and grew up surrounded by love and family values. Madison stands at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 114 pounds, showcasing her talents both on screen and in the beauty industry. Alongside her TV career, she co-owns Maven’s salon in Charleston, where she excels as a makeup artist and hairstylist. Madison’s relationship with Brett Randle has brought a new chapter to her personal life, adding to her resilience and inspiration.

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