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Do you know the Net Worth of Michael Sterling? Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Career, House and More


American lawyer Michael Sterling has secured a significant fortune, estimated at $4 million, alongside his wife, Eva Marcille, according to celebritynetworth. Michael’s prominence stems from his marriage to Eva Marcille, a multifaceted talent renowned as an actress, supermodel, and television presenter, notably winning America’s Most Top Model season three.

Eva’s fame extends through her appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she joined the cast in 2018, adding a touch of glamour and intrigue to the reality television landscape. Their marital union took center stage in a March 2019 episode of RHOA, captivating audiences with their romance.

Prior to his role in the Atlanta Development Company, Michael Sterling served as a federal prosecutor, showcasing his legal acumen and dedication to public service. He pursued his legal education at Texas Southern University, earning his JD in 2007, laying the foundation for a successful career trajectory.

Do you know Net Worth of Michael Sterling?

Michael Sterling, an American attorney, has carved a notable niche in the legal and public service realms. His journey to prominence intertwines with his marriage to Eva Marcille Sterling, a renowned actress, model, and TV personality, catapulting their combined net worth to an impressive $4 million. While Michael’s legal expertise and contributions are substantial, Eva Sterling’s triumph on America’s Next Top Model Season Three and subsequent roles in The Real Housewives of Atlanta have added a glamorous layer to their public image.

Their wedding, a point of convergence of a Walk 2019 episode of RHOA, exhibited their association in the midst of the marvelousness of unscripted tv. Eva’s spell on The Youthful and the Anxious from 2007 to 2011 further set her presence in media outlets. Interestingly, Michael’s expert direction ranges from his residency as a government examiner to his ongoing job as the head of the Atlanta Labor force Improvement Organization. An alum of Texas Southern College, where he procured his JD in 2007, Michael likewise co-oversees Dreyer Real, LLC, a shop law office spend significant time in common and criminal matters.

Who is Michael Sterling?

Michael Authentic stands as a noticeable figure in American legitimate and political circles, perceived for his multi-layered jobs as an attorney and political counsel. While his union with Eva Marcille, a famous entertainer, model, and maker, without a doubt adds to his public persona, Michael has freely fashioned a celebrated lifetime set apart by striking accomplishments. 

Past the marvelousness and excitement of media outlets, Michael has earned regard and adoration inside the legitimate and political circles for his keen bits of knowledge and conclusive initiative. His commitments reach out past the individual domain, as he explores complex lawful scenes and offers key direction in the domain of governmental issues, procuring him a standing as a trusted in power and awe-inspiring phenomenon. Notwithstanding the spotlight frequently gleaming on his high-profile relationship, Michael Real’s expert undertakings stand as his very own demonstration legitimacy and mastery, cementing his situation as a recognized figure in both legitimate and political fields.


Real NameMichael Sterling
SpouseEva Marcille
Net Worth (2023)$4 million
Age62 years old
Marital StatusMarried

Height and Weight:

Remaining at a noteworthy level of 6 feet and keeping a trim constitution, Michael oozes an emanation of solidarity and presence. With a load of 79 kg, he finds some kind of harmony among physicality and height, exemplifying an outline of refined manliness. His particular elements incorporate profound bruised eyes that radiate force and a glossy mane of dark hair, adding to his charming allure. 

Further upgrading his appeal are his proportional body estimations, estimating at 49 creeps across the chest, 32 crawls around the abdomen, and 35 crawls around the hips. These aspects mirror an amicable mix of solidarity and extent, supplementing his height and adding to his general quality of certainty and appeal.


Michael Authentic left on his legitimate excursion in 2010, starting with the obtaining of his Juris Specialist degree from Southwestern Graduate school. His underlying advances drove him to act as a regulation representative at the Los Angeles Prevalent Court, where he improved his abilities in legitimate exploration, composing, and prosecution, establishing a strong starting point for his vocation ahead. 

Following his clerkship residency, Authentic progressed into the job of a partner lawyer at a few law offices across Los Angeles. Here, he dove into a variety of common prosecution cases, incorporating business debates, individual injury cases, and work regulation matters, widening his skill and legitimate collection. In 2017, Real took an essential jump by laying out his own law office, suitably named the Real Firm. Spend significant time in common case, business regulation, and work regulation, his firm quickly earned respect for its steadfast devotion to client promotion and careful meticulousness. 

All through his vocation, Real has energetically addressed a different customers, going from private companies to partnerships and people, exploring them through complex legitimate debates with an emphatic and exhaustive methodology. The Authentic Association’s standing for greatness originates from its tenacious quest for ideal results for its clients, mirroring Authentic’s obligation to legitimate uprightness and expert greatness.


Settled inside the beautiful scene of the Hollywood Slopes, Michael Authentic’s home oozes plushness and refinement. Offering stunning vistas of Los Angeles, his dwelling place remains as a demonstration of refined residing and present day class. 

The rich inside is embellished with cutting edge conveniences, including a sumptuous home theater where diversion meets extravagance, an exceptional exercise center for wellness lovers, and a flawless pool that welcomes unwinding in the midst of the hurrying around of city life. Real’s affinity for extravagance and solace is obvious, apparent in the fastidious scrupulousness displayed all through his home. 

From the fastidiously organized stylistic layout to the consistent incorporation of state of the art innovation, each part of his home mirrors a guarantee to refined residing at its best. With glimpses shared via online entertainment, Authentic welcomes admirers into his universe of complexity, where extravagance meets quietness in the core of Hollywood Slopes.

Car Collection:

Eminent for his liking for extravagance vehicles, Michael Authentic flaunts a noteworthy assortment of extraordinary vehicles that encapsulate tastefulness and execution. Among his valued belongings are the notorious Lamborghini Aventador, worshipped for its striking plan and invigorating execution, the recognized Rolls Royce Phantom, typifying ageless extravagance and unrivaled solace, and the powerful Mercedes AMG GT, inseparable from accuracy designing and adrenaline-energized thrills. 

Authentic’s enthusiasm for extravagance vehicles stretches out past simple possession, as he effectively draws in with individual lovers by going to esteemed vehicle shows and occasions, where he celebrates auto craftsmanship and advancement. Through enrapturing glimpses shared via virtual entertainment, Authentic offers a brief look into his universe of car richness, where every vehicle addresses a zenith of designing greatness and a demonstration of his insightful preference for the better things throughout everyday life.


  1. Net Worth: Michael Sterling’s estimated net worth is $4 million as of 2024, according to celebritynetworth. His wealth is attributed to his successful legal career and his marriage to Eva Marcille, a renowned actress, model, and television personality.
  2. Marriage to Eva Marcille: Michael Sterling is married to Eva Marcille, who gained fame by winning America’s Next Top Model Season Three and later appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Their wedding was featured on an episode of RHOA in March 2019.
  3. Career: Before his role in the Atlanta Development Company, Michael Sterling served as a federal prosecutor, showcasing his legal acumen and dedication to public service. He earned his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Southwestern Law School in 2010 and founded his own law firm, the Sterling Firm, specializing in civil litigation, business law, and employment law.
  4. Residence: Michael Sterling resides in the Hollywood Hills, where his home exudes luxury and sophistication. With stunning views of Los Angeles, his residence boasts modern amenities including a lavish home theater, a state-of-the-art gym, and a beautiful pool for relaxation.
  5. Car Collection: Known for his appreciation of luxury vehicles, Michael Sterling owns an impressive collection that includes iconic cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Mercedes AMG GT. He actively engages with fellow car enthusiasts by attending prestigious car shows and events.


What is Michael Sterling’s net worth?

Michael Sterling’s estimated net worth is $4 million as of 2024.

Who is Michael Sterling married to?

Michael Sterling is married to Eva Marcille, a well-known actress, model, and television personality.

What is Michael Sterling’s career background?

Michael Sterling is a former federal prosecutor and currently serves as the head of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. He also founded his own law firm, specializing in civil litigation, business law, and employment law.

Where does Michael Sterling live?

Michael Sterling resides in the Hollywood Hills, where his home offers stunning views of Los Angeles and features luxurious amenities.

What cars does Michael Sterling own?

Michael Sterling owns a collection of luxury vehicles, including the Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Mercedes AMG GT.


Michael Real is an unmistakable figure in American lawful and political circles, referred to for his jobs as a lawyer and political specialist. His union with Eva Marcille, a notable entertainer and TV character, has added to his public persona. Regardless of the consideration on his high-profile relationship, Michael has gained appreciation and profound respect inside the legitimate and political domains for his lawful aptitude and authority. He lives in the Hollywood Slopes, where his home reflects extravagance and refinement, and he claims a noteworthy assortment of extravagance vehicles. Michael’s vocation accomplishments and individual interests exhibit a day to day existence set apart by progress, refinement, and an enthusiasm for greatness.

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