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Who is Peso Pluma? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Social Media And More


Peso Pluma, the rising star of the music scene, has an origin story that is basically as captivating as his music. While fans are attracted to his ability, there’s a touch of secret encompassing his loved ones. What we cannot deny is that his mom, Rubí Laija Díaz, and his dad, Hassam Kadame Toledo, have been instrumental in molding his excursion. In spite of certain tales recommending in any case, there’s no association with Adela Noriega in his ancestry.

Peso Pluma’s legacy is different, with Lebanese roots on his dad’s side, adding a fascinating layer to his character. In spite of the fact that we regard his protection, we can’t resist the urge to ponder the impact his family has had on his music.

Through his tunes, Peso Pluma shares looks at his own excursion and individuals who’ve formed him en route. These human associations and encounters cause his music to resound with so many.

Peso Pluma’s Mom 

The name of Peso Pluma’s mother hasn’t been made public, but there has been a lot of discussion about her online. Thanks to journalist Nelssie Carrillo, there have been circulating photos purporting to be of her. Rumour has it that she uses the Instagram moniker Flowers.562 and claims to be Peso Pluma’s mother there. Even Martha Higareda, the Mexican actress, has drawn comparisons between Peso Pluma and herself, but neither Martha nor Peso Pluma’s mother have responded to these rumours. However, fans find it to be a hot topic that generates a lot of discussion and theories on the internet.

Who is Peso Pluma?

Originally known as Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, Peso Pluma had a dramatic breakthrough in the music industry with the release of his first albums in 2020 and 2021. His songs were popular right away, and he even surpassed Bad Bunny on Spotify. “Ella Baila Sola,” one of his best songs, shot to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, securing his status as a rising artist.

A big turning point in his career came in 2023 when he established his own record label, Doble P Records, in a daring move. When he performed on stage at Coachella in 2024 and electrified the audience with his performance, it was the apex of his success. And to top it all off, he included cameo appearances by musicians like Becky G. along with other amazing talent. Peso Pluma’s story is evidently one of skill, tenacity, and unquestionable achievement.

Peso Pluma Biography

Proud to showcase his Mexican heritage, Peso Pluma is a prominent presence in the Latin music scene. He was born in the dynamic city of Guadalajara on June 15, 1999, and is currently 24 years old. Because of his varied preferences and enthusiasm for hip-hop and rap, Pluma developed a strong affinity for music from a young age. The beats and lyrics of these genres always drew him in, whether he was listening to the radio or browsing the internet.

His astrological sign is Gemini, which represents qualities of intellectual curiosity and a voracious appetite for knowledge. These characteristics surely influence his creative process and curious attitude towards his work. Peso Pluma is a talented and charismatic musician who has his roots deep in the Mexican culture and his musical vision that reaches far and wide.

Where Is Peso Pluma From?

Peso Pluma’s familial origin is a fascinating fusion of Lebanese and Mexican nationalities, creating a tapestry of cultures and histories that have influenced his individuality and artistic trajectory. His mother is from the Mexican state of Sinaloa, which is renowned for its lively customs and culture. However, his father’s family has deep roots in Lebanon, and they have a rich Middle Eastern legacy and impact.

Unquestionably, Peso Pluma’s worldview has been shaped by this blend of his Mexican and Lebanese roots, which has influenced his music and artistic expression. It’s evidence of the variety and depth of his upbringing, in which he was exposed to a wide range of customs, tongues, and viewpoints.

Peso Pluma honours this merging of cultures via his music, fusing aspects of Lebanese and Mexican customs to produce a style of his own. It is a representation of his background and upbringing and a powerful statement on the value of embracing one’s ancestry and diversity.


Full nameHassan Emilio Kabande Laija
NicknamePeso Pluma
Date of birthJune 15, 1999
Age25 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthZapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Height5’7” (170 cm)
Weight67 kg (148 lbs)
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
MotherRubí Laija Díaz
FatherHassan Kabande Toledo
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionSinger, songwriter
Net worth$20 million
Social media handlesNot available (assumed to maintain a low profile)

Peso Pluma Education

Peso Pluma’s remarkable musical accomplishments speak volumes about the value of pursuing your passion and developing your abilities, even though there is no public record of his formal education or college experience. He’s a brilliant illustration of how hard work and perseverance can result in extraordinary achievement. Peso Pluma’s career in the Latin music scene is evidence that you can leave your imprint on the world and achieve great things in life if you work hard and have a genuine love for what you do.

Peso Pluma Age

Peso Pluma, who is remarkable for his astonishing guitar playing, turned 24 of each 2023, adding another year to his melodic work. First experience with the world sign, Gemini, addresses his enthusiastic and adaptable person. June 15, 1999, was the day he was conceived. Peso Pluma, an inhabitant of Mexico, addresses an alternate extent of ethnic establishments. His varied history is strikingly depicted, crediting his personality significance and abundance. His mother’s fundamental establishments are in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, and his father is of Lebanese plunge.

Peso Pluma Height & Weight

Peso Pluma’s physical attributes are amazing, particularly his remarkable 5’11” height, which only serves to enhance his unmistakable charm. In addition to his impressive height, he also has a trim build, weighing about 79 kg. His admirers frequently extol how these qualities heighten his allure and charm, making him even more alluring both on and off stage.

Peso Pluma Personal life

Peso Pluma keeps a low profile in his personal life, choosing to keep information about his love relationships and personal matters secret. He is still unmarried despite his rising stardom and prioritises his music career and artistic endeavours. Even while he occasionally posts glimpses of his personal life on social media, he usually puts his career first, using his platforms to interact with fans and present his artistic endeavours. Peso Pluma, who is well-known for his devotion to his fans and his everlasting emphasis on music, is a rising star in the industry, and his personal life reflects this.

Peso Pluma Family

Since they sustained his adoration for music since early on, Peso Pluma and his folks share an exceptional bond. Since the beginning, he was presented to a different scope of melodic classifications by his mom, initially from Sinaloa, Mexico, and his dad, who is Lebanese.

Peso Pluma experienced childhood in a mindful and strong home and had the option to seek after his melodic gifts in view of his folks’ steady direction and support.

Peso Pluma’s music and public person are plainly affected by his folks, showing their cozy relationship and the gigantic impact they have had on his inventive way. Without an inquiry, their affection and backing have been instrumental in assisting him with turning into the effective performer he is today.

Peso Pluma Career

Peso Pluma’s climb to overall notoriety is owed to some degree to his coordinated efforts with regarded specialists like Luis R. Conriquez and Natanael Cano. His melodic style is indisputable, an exceptional combination of acoustic tunes and high-energy beats, consistently mixing conventional corridos with the impacts of trap and metropolitan classes. This unmistakable sound has separate him in the music scene, standing out from fans around the world.

His prosperity has opened ways to joint efforts with globally acclaimed performers like Ovy on the Drums, Nicki Nicole, and even Marshmello. These organizations have extended his scope as well as cemented his situation as an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the business.

With every cooperation, Peso Pluma has amassed a monstrous following around the world, with an especially impressive fan base in Mexico. His capacity to connect social and melodic limits has reverberated profoundly with crowds, establishing his status as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

Peso Pluma Relationship Status 

Peso Pluma’s fans are not simply enamored by his music; they’re additionally inquisitive about his affection life, particularly his close connections. Nonetheless, insights concerning his dating past or current relationship status are difficult to find, passing on numerous to hypothesize that he may be flying solo until further notice. Regardless of the secret encompassing his own life, fans keep on supporting him earnestly, zeroing in on his amazing ability and the music he brings to the world.

Peso Pluma’s Girlfriend

The supposed relationship show between Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole has been an interesting issue among fans of late. Everything began in February 2024 when bits of hearsay started twirling about a potential separation. Nicki Nicole fanned the fire by unfollowing Peso Pluma on Instagram and cleaning any hints of their relationship from her profile. She even shared a proclamation on her Instagram Story, focusing on the significance of regard in affection and connections. When Peso Pluma was spotted in Las Vegas with another woman, speculation reached fever pitch. When they collaborated on the remix of Peso Pluma’s “Por Las Noches” in February 2023, their relationship had begun on a high note. Nicki Nicole, whose genuine name is Nicole Denise Cucco, hails from Argentina, giving us a brief look into her experience and childhood.

Peso Pluma Networth

Peso Pluma has collected extensive abundance all through his thriving music profession. His estimated net worth, based on the most recent information available, is around $20 million. This great figure reflects not just his prosperity as a vocalist and musician yet in addition his enterprising undertakings, including the establishing of his own record name, Doble P Records. With hit tunes, worthwhile joint efforts, and a devoted fan base, Peso Pluma has set up a good foundation for himself as a conspicuous figure in the music business, getting a charge out of both monetary achievement and imaginative acknowledgment.

What Made Peso Pluma Famous?

Peso Pluma’s ascent to fame was moved by his joint efforts with probably the greatest names in the business, including Karol G, Nicki Nicole, and Marshmello. In 2022, his track “El Belicón,” highlighting Raúl Vega, turned into a moment hit, making remarkable progress with 480,000 duplicates sold in the US and acquiring an amazing 8-times Platinum accreditation. 

However, not every venture undertaken by Peso Pluma was free of controversy. His song “Siempre Pendientes,” which features Luis R. Conrique, started commotion for apparently commending the notorious medication head boss El Chapo. Notwithstanding the backfire, the melody acquired viral notoriety on Spotify, featuring Peso Pluma’s capacity to work up consideration, both positive and negative, in the music world. Peso Pluma’s parents are Mexican citizens, so he is of Mexican descent. 

His dad was brought into the world in Chiapas, while his mom hails from Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico, adding profundity and variety to his social foundation.



The name of Peso Pluma’s mother has not been publicly disclosed.


There have been circulating photos claiming to be of her, shared by journalist Nelssie Carrillo.

Instagram Username

Rumors suggest that she goes by the username Flowers.562 on Instagram and claims to be Peso Pluma’s mother.


Some fans have drawn comparisons between Peso Pluma’s mother and the Mexican actress Martha Higareda.


Neither Martha Higareda nor Peso Pluma’s mother has responded to these rumors, maintaining silence on the matter.


Peso Pluma’s mom stays a secretive figure, with her personality not openly revealed. Hypotheses about her have emerged due to coursing photographs and an Instagram account professing to be hers. Peso Pluma’s mother and Martha Higareda have both been compared to her, but neither has addressed these rumors, leaving fans to speculate about her true identity.


Is Peso Pluma’s mother’s identity confirmed? 

No, Peso Pluma’s mother’s identity has not been officially confirmed, and there is no public information available about her.

Who is Nelssie Carrillo? 

Nelssie Carrillo is a journalist who has shared circulating photos claiming to be of Peso Pluma’s mother.

What is Flowers.562 on Instagram?

Flowers.562 is an Instagram account rumored to belong to Peso Pluma’s mother, where she allegedly identifies herself as his mom.

Has Martha Higareda confirmed her resemblance to Peso Pluma’s mother? 

No, Martha Higareda has not confirmed or addressed the comparisons between herself and Peso Pluma’s mother.

Why is Peso Pluma’s mother’s identity a hot topic among fans? 

Fans are intrigued by Peso Pluma’s family background and are eager to learn more about his parents, particularly his mother, contributing to the ongoing speculation and discussion.

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