The Coolest Movies about Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s 2024 and artificial intelligence (AI) has made massive progress to date. It makes me wonder if all the sci-movies we watch could be on to something. Despite surpassing human performance in many technical tasks, AI is not capable of being sentient. However, many AI-centered movies suggest otherwise, and there’s no harm in humoring ourselves, right?

If you think it would be cool to befriend and even date robots, you’re not alone. The idea of being able to build the perfect soulmate sounds intriguing. On the other hand, it also shows how vulnerable and emotionally starved the human race can be; they’re willing to form a connection with a machine if that’s what it takes to feel wanted. 

AI is a part of many modern tech gadgets we use today, and it’s uncanny how much we depend on them. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that AI is cool; also, movies made on AI are entertaining and thought-provoking. Therefore, renew your internet plan and pick a date to indulge in an AI/Robot movie marathon. I’m all prepared with super-fast and stable internet service from Xfinity; you can be too if you contact Xfinity customer service at your earliest!

Here’s a list of AI and Robot movies I’ve watched in recent times and thoroughly enjoyed:

Top 5 AI and Robot Movies

1. Brian and Charles (2022)

2. M3GAN (2022)

3. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

4. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

5. I Am Mother (2019)

  1. Brian and Charles (2022)

The words that would best describe Brian and Charles are “fun” and “wacky”. This is not a movie to be taken seriously, but it is refreshingly creative and quirky. The protagonist is a lonely inventor named Brian who builds himself a robot friend using a washing machine and other random spare parts. 

The AI robot is named Charles who learns the English language from a dictionary and somehow develops an obsession for cabbages. Charles is like a curious child who wants to explore the world, but Brian like a protective parent, is reluctant to expose him to the outdoors. 

  1. M3GAN (2022)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if AI was built into children’s toys? A talented roboticist, Gemma, working at a high-tech toy manufacturing company in Seattle, thinks it’s a great idea. She attempts to create a humanoid robot doll but fails and discontinues the project. Later, she has to take custody of her eight-year-old niece, Cady, whose parents died in a car accident. 

Gemma struggles to connect with Cady, but that changes when Cady discovers a robot her aunt built in college. This inspires Gemma to reopen her robot doll project, and she creates M3GAN. The lifelike doll named M3GAN is unbelievably smart and quickly develops a sisterly bond with Cady, but things get twisted after that. 

  1. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

The Mitchells vs. the Machines is an animated drama film about a dysfunctional family that ends up in a robot apocalypse. This movie perfectly illustrates how humanity has become increasingly addicted and dependent on technology; family members are completely engrossed by their gadgets even when they’re sitting in the same room or car. 

The story follows a peppy teenager named Katie who gets accepted by a prestigious film school. Her father devises a road trip to college so that the family can bond on the way. During the trip, the family encounters robots out to capture humans, and it’s suddenly up to them to save humanity. 

  1. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Alita: Battle Angel is set in the year 2563, an era where cyborgs, i.e. human and robot hybrids are prevalent. It is a period 300 years after an episode of mass destruction, so the world looks a lot like a spread-out wasteland. 

A tech doctor/scientist finds the remains of a female cyborg with an intact human brain while scavenging through piles of scraps. He takes her to his lab, gives her a new robot body, and names her after his late daughter once she is revived. Alita looks like a delicate little girl, but she is powerful and capable of things beyond imagination. 

  1. I Am Mother (2019)

I Am Mother has a unique plot and storyline that is bound to appeal to AI enthusiasts. It features a sentient robot referred to as “Mother” who is the main antagonist of the story. The movie follows an event of mass extinction of the human race, i.e. AI has wiped out most of the human population.

The robot called “Mother” grows a human embryo within an underground bunker; years later we see a teenage girl named Daughter raised by the robot. Mother does not allow Daughter to ever leave the bunker, telling her that the outside is contaminated. Later, Daughter secretly lets a woman into the bunker, who opens her eyes to the reality and lies of Mother.   

Summing Up

Most of the movies about AI and Robots make them capable of experiencing and projecting emotions. This indicates that beings without sentiments are not interesting enough to become the main subject of a movie. How do you feel about that?

If you’re well-acquainted with AI, you should be aware of the fact it does not have feelings. Therefore, it’s safe to say that these movies are for sheer entertainment and there’s no reason to believe that AI can act on its own will. 

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