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What is Tom Green’s net worth? Bio, Wiki, Wife, Family, Career, Education, Age, and Height, Among Other Things

What are the salary and net worth of Tom Green?

With a total worth of $5 million, multi-skilled Canadian Tom Green has become rather well-known. Known for his flexibility, he has fiddled with various jobs, for example, media figure, humorist, rapper, creator, joke artist, arbitrator, and podcaster. 

His notorious exhibitions on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” from 1994 to 2000, trailed by the show’s rebranding as “The New Tom Green Show,” denoted the start of his ascent to popularity. Continuing on from TV, he entered media outlets and demonstrated his comic abilities in movies, for example, “Charlie’s Angels” (2000), “Journey” (2000), and the notorious “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001). Tom has amassed a committed following and an enduring heritage in media outlets on the grounds that to his one of a kind mix of humor and imagination.

Tom Green, who is he?

Tom Green is a performer and comic generally famous for working with The Tom Green Show on MTV from 1994 until 2000. The show gained a following for shock farce and deceives stirred shows like Ass. 

From 2001 to 2002, Tom was hitched to performer Drew Barrymore until he requested of for legitimate partition. Tom said the two met as Drawn in endeavored to move him to film Charlie’s Angels, which she highlighted in nearby Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. “She and the studio were endeavoring to get me in that film for quite a while,” Green said in 2008, according to InStyle. 

“I truly said pass to it from the outset.” Disregarding the way that their marriage was brief, the two commended each other after they confined. At first from Pembroke, Ontario, Tom transformed into an American occupant in February 2019 and as of now holds twofold citizenship with Canada.


Tom Green, brought into the world on July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, experienced youth in a gathering of white ethnic start with a Christian establishment. 

He holds both Canadian and US citizenship. His educational trip took him through schools like Henry Munro Center School and Algonquin School, where he obtained a degree in television broadcasting.

Early Life

Michael Thomas Green, generally called Tom Green, was brought into the world in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, on July 30, 1971. His mother, Mary Jane, worked as a correspondences subject matter expert, and his father, Richard Green, was a PC structures specialist as well as surrendered furnished force captain. 

In view of his father’s time in the military, Green experienced youth with a Canadian Outfitted force base near Pembroke, CFB Petawawa, as well as in Ottawa. He went to Colonel By Discretionary School and Cairine Wilson Assistant School, preceding seeking after extra preparation at Algonquin School, where he focused on television broadcasting and graduated in 1994.


In 1994, Green took care of his own show, “The Tom Green Show”. It was non-paid, and communicated on free television on Rogers television 22 in the Ottawa locale. Each episode was a somewhat long with next to no commercials, and the show communicated 50 episodes all through two seasons until 1996. It followed a dramatic show plan, where Green would have guests visit and moreover invited gatherings to play before a live group. 

A couple of pre-taped segments were in like manner communicated, generally speaking, including Green playing pranks on people, much of the time his own people Richard and Mary Jane. Then, in October 1996, the show coursed a one-time pilot on CBC. It was for the most part invited, and in this way was gotten by The Satire Association in Canada in 1997. 

With The Satire Association, it circled 26 episodes all through two seasons. In January 1999, “The Tom Green Show” was gotten by MTV, and he started to gain notoriety both in the US and all around the world in various countries. He co-formed the show with Derek Harvie, and co-worked with the show with his two dependable partners, Glenn Humplik and Phil Giroux. He ended up being particularly known for his own exceptional kind of shock humor, with problematic or possibly dazzling creations like professing to knock a dead moose or drinking milk straight by sucking a cow’s areola remembering for the show.

His rising prominence helped him with handling various different entryways. For example, he was picked for the front of Stray magazine, for their June 8, 2000 issue. His decision of testicular threatening development in Walk 2000 provoked “The Tom Green Show” going on break, but he used the important opportunity to work on various endeavors associated with his finding. 

He created, facilitated, and highlighted in the one-hour MTV novel “The Tom Green Sickness Phenomenal” that communicated on May 23, 2000. It announced his journey towards operation, and got all over endorsement for the more feeble side of him that it portrayed. 

He moreover transformed into a vocal advertiser for harmful development care, starting the “Tom Green’s Nuts Infection Resource” to gather pledges for threatening development research, as well as singing the tune “Feel Your Balls” while at an event with incredible numerous School of Florida students, intended to educate people about testicular dangerous development. 

After his dangerous development battle and recovery, Green continued to see the value in positions in a couple of Hollywood movies, for instance, “Journey” (2000), “Charlie’s Angels” (2000), “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001), and “Taking Harvard” (2002). As well as acting, he in like manner made and facilitated “Freddy Got Fingered”. 

That particular film was by and large saw as one of the most extremely horrendous movies of the year, and won awards in five exceptional orders at the 2001 Splendid Raspberry Awards (awards given to the most incredibly unpleasantly terrible movies). 

Yet again in mid-2003, MTV offered Green the opportunity for his own show, called “The New Tom Green Show”. The show simply a brief time frame prior to lowing evaluations was dropped due. He has since continued onward with his stand-up parody displays, and has been related with different various exercises. 

A part of these integrate a re-appearance of rap music, conveying various assortments; a re-appearance of television with appearances on unscripted television dramatizations like “The celebrity Understudy” and “Genius Senior kin”; and the sound webcast “Tom Green Radio”.

Honours and Accomplishments

We ought to examine Tom Green’s achievements and awards. In 2001, he got the assignment for Blockbuster Redirection Award for Most adored Supporting Performer in spoof. That was as far as it matters for him in Journey. For a comparable film, he got a choice for Best Comedic Execution and Progression Male Execution by MTV Film Awards. 

We moreover need to observe that Tom plays not ideal parts. For example, his work in Freddy Got Fingered obtained him a Razzie Award. He won Most horrendous Performer, Most dreadful Screen Couple, and Generally clearly awful Boss.

Resources and Way of Life

He has a house in Los Angeles with 2 rooms, 2 washrooms, a pool, and a parking space. The house spreads on 1,591 square feet. Furthermore, in his parking space, he has a Lamborghini regarded some place in the scope of $200,000 and $1 million.


Tom Green is at present single. He got hitched to Pulled in Barrymore 2001. The couple met on the film set, but their show in Freddie Got Fingered was destroying. They isolated only a solitary year sometime later. 

Tom looked for lawful partition in view of sad differentiations. Green dated Brittany Murphy, Erin Darling, and Mary Carey after Barrymore. He has no children. In 2000, not set in stone to have testicular sickness. Experts successfully treated him, but after the treatment, he took an ephemeral rest. 

He returned to the screen in 2009, appearing in the Genius Student for Donald Skinner Urological Sickness Investigation Foundation. He maintains a couple of causes and affiliations. He made gifts of $10,000 for the Sickness Care North Lancashire and supported raising help for the Mental wellbeing Great objective. He similarly has his own goal, Tom Green’s Nuts Threatening development Resource.

Personal Life

In July 2000, Green became attracted to the performer Drew Barrymore. They had at initially met after Barrymore invited Green to appear in the film “Charlie’s Angels”, which she made as well as highlighted in. They got hitched in July 2001, looked for lawful partition in December 2001, and settled their division in October 2002.

Hollywood Projects and Individual Challenges

Green’s rising differentiation opened entrances in Hollywood, provoking position in films like Journey (2000), Charlie’s Angels (2000), and Freddy Got Fingered (2001), a film he in like manner facilitated. 

Regardless, his life took an exciting turn when not entirely set in stone to have testicular threatening development in 2000. Green courageously battle the ailment, using his experience to bring sickness care and up in any occasion, chronicling his trip in The Tom Green Harmful development Novel on MTV.

Real Estate Project

Green meandered into land with the procurement of a home in Studio City, California, for $1.475 million of each 2003. Very nearly twenty years sometime later, in 2021, he recorded it accessible to be bought at $2.3 million, displaying a sharp eye for significant land hypotheses.

Personal Life

Green’s own life, particularly his association with performer Drew Barrymore, accumulated basic media thought. The couple’s marriage, but short, was a subject of interest, polishing off with discrete in 2002. Green has since kept his own life more covered up.

Tom Green: Stats—Weight, Height, and Other

Staying at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 192 pounds, Tom Green has an ordinary body. His blue eyes and dull gritty shaded hair supplement his unquestionable appearance.

Testing for Cancer of the Testicles

Testicular self-appraisal is one strategy for assessing for this sickness, says Dr. Posadas. “It takes under a second. Rub balls through your fingers looking for any bothered areas. Rub the most elevated mark of the testicle, particularly the delicate epididymis. 

(The epididymis is a chamber that stores and transports sperm behind the testicles.) Dr. Posadas advises, “Try not to smash really unforgiving with there.” If you feel a hard handle there, you might need to see a urologist for blood testing. Otherwise, you should feel for a smoother touch.”. 

[Testicular cancer] is outstandingly treatable, regardless, when it’s undeniable level. ” In a past gathering with SurvivorNet, Dr. Bradley McGregor, clinical top of the Thin People group for Genitourinary Oncology at the Dana-Farber Threatening development Establishment, in like manner underlined the meaning of self-appraisals. 

“It is considered that men developed 15 to 55 play out a month to month self-evaluation to find any movements to help with finding the sickness at a starting stage,” explains Dr. McGregor. And if someone notices any of the early negative effects, “he should visit his essential consideration doctor immediately.” 

It’s basic to be familiar with your body and contact an expert if you notice anything phenomenal. Dr. McGregor continues, “Testicular dangerous development as a rule occurs from ages 20-45, but it can occur at whatever stage throughout everyday life. 

The most raised risk factor for testicular illness is a foundation set apart by cryptorchidism, an undescended testicle, where the testicle doesn’t drop down into the scrotum before birth. Men with a family foundation of testicular infection are at extended risk as well. No chance of life changes have been shown to diminish peril of testicular threatening development totally.”

background data

The most energetic of four young people, this performer was named Thomas Edward Hulce upon first experience with the world to Raymond Albert Hulce and his significant other Joanne Winkleman. He was brought into the world on December 6, 1953 and according to records his place of birth was in Detroit, Michigan. 

His father worked for Portage Motor Association while his mother was an entertainer who sang immediately with entertainer and essayist Phil Spitalny’s All-Young woman Outfit. Due to the effect of his mother, Hulce, from a particularly energetic age, should have been a singer. Nevertheless, as he entered his teens, his voice began to change, completing his dream about making it as a performer. 

No matter what the mix-up, the youthful individual was at this point enthusiastic about a long lasting in easy street and decided to move his focus to acting. At 15 years of age, Tom Hulce branched out from home to go to Interlochen Articulations Foundation. He later enrolled at the North Carolina School of Human articulation. He then, made an excursion to England for the mid year to extra hone his specialty preceding returning to the US and beginning his calling in New York. Hulce made his acting show in the 1975 Broadway play Equus opposite Anthony Perkins. 

He spent the most great part of 10 years in a general sense as a theater performer, simply taking occasional film occupations in motion pictures like September 30, 1955 (1977) and Animal Safe house (1978). All that changed in 1984 when he squashed David Bowie, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Kenneth Branagh to expect the occupation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the film. Amadeus (1984). 

Hulce got a Best Performer determination at the Establishment Awards for his presentation in the film. From there on out he has acted in multiple dozen films and series, winning various distinctions.

How is Tom Hulce doing?

During the 1990s, Tom Hulce decided to give his acting calling over to seek after one more as a boss and producer. He says the decision was made in a short second and he hasn’t recollected since. According to him, he decided to change occupations to have the choice to complete his vision. He says he picks the endeavor, boss, screenwriter, cast, planner, hypothesis accessory and specifically “against critical tangles that don’t exist”. not handled with cash. 

” Hulce’s huge credits as producer consolidate the six-hour, two-day stage change of John Irving ‘s The Juice House Rules, which obtained him an assignment for a Performance Workspace Award for Exceptional Top of a Play. There’s similarly Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, which won six Obie Awards, a Show Workspace Award, a remarkable Outer Intellectuals Circle Award, and a New York Show Savants Circle Award for Best New Play. 

Other extraordinary works consolidate the Broadway melodic, Spring Stimulating, which won eight Tony Awards in 2007, the stage change of the Green Day assortment, American Bonehead, and the film Home at World’s End (2004). While Hulce accepts he’s leaving acting, actually he’s played a couple of parts in films like Jumper (2008) and More unusual Than Fiction (2006). 

He also did some voice-over work on the energy The Hunchback of Notre Lady II (2002), the continuation of his voicing of the individual Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Woman (1996).


  1. Tom Green was born on July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.
  2. He holds both Canadian and US citizenship.
  3. Green attended Algonquin College, where he studied television broadcasting and graduated in 1994.
  4. He gained fame through his show “The Tom Green Show,” which aired on MTV and later on other platforms.
  5. Green has appeared in several Hollywood films, including “Charlie’s Angels” and “Freddy Got Fingered.”
  6. He was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore from 2001 to 2002.
  7. Green is actively involved in charity work, including fundraising for cancer research.


Tom Green, the versatile Canadian entertainer, boasts a net worth of $5 million. He’s widely recognized for his comedic talents showcased on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” from 1994 to 2000, followed by various film appearances, including “Charlie’s Angels” (2000) and “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001). Green’s career spans across multiple fields, from comedy to rap music, and he continues to engage his audience through various platforms.


What is Tom Green’s net worth?

Tom Green’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

What is Tom Green known for?

Tom Green is known for his comedic talents showcased on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” and his various film appearances.

Was Tom Green married to Drew Barrymore?

Yes, Tom Green was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore from 2001 to 2002.

What charity work is Tom Green involved in?

Tom Green is actively involved in fundraising for cancer research, particularly testicular cancer awareness.

Where was Tom Green born?

Tom Green was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, on July 30, 1971.

What is Tom Green’s educational background?

Tom Green studied television broadcasting at Algonquin College and graduated in 1994.

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