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Akiko Matsuura Introduction

Akiko Matsuura, lovingly called Keex, embodies a captivating blend of cultural influences, artistic flair, and musical talent. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Osaka, Japan, Keex’s early years were flavored with the scents and tastes of her family’s bustling barbecue joint, sparking a lifelong love for fried delights.

Her educational journey began at a neighborhood elementary school in Osaka, where she laid the groundwork for her academic pursuits. However, life took a turn when her family relocated to the bustling streets of London, USA. Amidst the melting pot of cultures, Keex continued her high school education, immersing herself in a world of new experiences.

Upon graduating high school in 2012, Keex delved into higher education, initially exploring the realm of art at college. Amidst the strokes of paint and canvas, she nurtured her innate creativity, refining her skills in painting and delving into the depths of self-expression.

Who Is Akiko Matsuura?

1994 saw the birth of Akiko Matsuura in Osaka, Japan. During her early years, her parents, who are successful business owners in the hospitality industry, had a popular barbecue restaurant in Osaka, where they fostered her love of fried food.

For her primary schooling, Akiko attended a neighborhood elementary school in Osaka. However, her family later made the move to London, where she continued her high school education until 2012. Following this, she pursued a stint in college, focusing on art studies and honing her painting skills.

Akiko Matsuura Biography

Akiko Matsuura, affectionately known as Keex, was born in 1994 in Osaka, Japan, to parents deeply immersed in the hospitality trade. Growing up amidst the bustling atmosphere of their barbecue restaurant, Keex developed a lifelong affinity for fried cuisine.

Her educational journey began at a local elementary school in Osaka, where she laid the foundation for her academic pursuits. However, a significant shift occurred when her family relocated to London, USA. In the vibrant cultural mosaic of London, Keex continued her high school education, embracing a new environment ripe with opportunities for personal development.

Keex started his journey into higher education in 2012, originally pursuing his interest in art at college, after graduating from high school. Here, she explored the world of creativity and self-expression while fostering her love of painting. While the specifics of her college experience remain undisclosed, the influence of her artistic endeavors is evident in her diverse persona as an artist.


Full NameAkiko Matsuura
Date of Birth1994
Age28 years old
Place of BirthOsaka, Japan
Current ResidenceLondon, USA
Height (feet)5′ 3”
Height (cm)160
Weight (lbs)104
Weight (kg)47
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
Ex-BoyfriendCharlie Heaton
ChildrenArchie Heaton
ProfessionAsian drummer, vocalist, and guitarist
BandsThe Big Pink, Pre, and Comanechi
Net Worth$1 million

Akiko Matsuura Age

Akiko Matsuura was born on November 2, 1980, in her hometown of Osaka, Japan. She will turn 43 years old in 2024.Her parents were merchants and restaurant owners in Osaka, thus she grew up in a bustling household.A few years her senior, she also has an older brother.Matsuura has maintained a certain level of secrecy despite her notoriety in the music industry and her relationship with Heaton, making it difficult to learn some details about her personal life.

Akiko Matsuura Height

Describing Akiko Matsuura’s physical appearance, she possesses a slender and appealing figure, standing at an average height of 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60 meters. However, specific details about her body measurements and weight remain undisclosed.

Akiko Matsuura Education

The basis for Akiko Matsuura’s academic career was established while she was a student at a nearby elementary school in Osaka, Japan. She completed her high school career there until 2012, though, after her family moved to London, USA.  This transition to a new environment presented Akiko with a tapestry of cultural experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

Akiko went on to further her education after high school, originally concentrating on art classes at college. She lost herself in painting during this time, experimenting with her creativity and sense of self. Although Akiko hasn’t revealed many specifics about her time in college, it’s obvious that her academic pursuits had a significant influence on how she identified as an artist.

Akiko Matsuura Personal life

Returning to Akiko Matsuura’s romantic journey with Charlie Heaton, their story began at a private party hosted by a mutual friend. As their relationship blossomed, they became integral members of the Comanechi circle. Despite their deep connection, their romance was fleeting. However, their bond was solidified with the arrival of their son, Archie, in 2004. Presently, Akiko resides in London with her son, and despite their romantic separation, she and Charlie maintain a collaborative effort in raising Archie.

In contrast, Charlie Heaton has embarked on a new chapter in his life, finding love with Natalie Dyer. While Charlie’s personal life has made headlines, Akiko has chosen to keep her dating life private. Despite her distinctive stage presence, she has managed to evade rumors and controversies, focusing instead on her artistry and motherhood.

Akiko Matsuura Family

After Charlie Heaton’s son Archie was born in 2022, Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton’s relationship saw a significant change.Their relationship gained depth and significance as a result of this historic occurrence, which also reinforced their bond and significantly grew their family.

Heaton and Matsuura have experienced the highs and lows of parenthood together, having fully embraced their position as parents. Their collective dedication and love are evident in their public appearances as a family, highlighting their cohesive approach to parenting their son. Their bond has been reinforced by Archie’s arrival, which has also given them a fresh feeling of accountability and purpose.

For Heaton and Matsuura, being parents has been a life-changing experience that has promoted maturity and personal development. They

Akiko Matsuura Career

Matsuura’s love for rock music blossomed when she was in the UK since she was fully immersed in London’s thriving music scene. After she grew close to classmates who also loved rock, they formed the band PRE in 2005. Akiko Matsuura made a lasting impression on the stage by showcasing her versatility as a rock drummer and singer in this musical trip.

Matsuura’s music, which was characterized by their own brand of noise rock, included unvarnished, raw lyrics that went well with the powerful electric guitar and drum soundscape. Matsuura pushed the limits of musical expression with groups like PRE and Comanechi, enthralling audiences with their riveting performances.

At the forefront of Comanechi, alongside drummer Charlie Heaton and guitarist Simon Petrovitch, Matsuura assumed the dual role of drummer and frontwoman. Together, they produced acclaimed albums such as “Crime of Love” (2009) and “You Owe Me Nothing But Love” (2013), earning recognition both locally and internationally. Their music took them across borders, with memorable performances in countries like Canada and Scotland, solidifying Matsuura’s legacy as a powerhouse in the rock music scene.

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth

Charlie Heaton is a notable individual in the diversion business with a $4 million fortune. He is notable for his enrapturing execution as Jonathan Byers in the hit Netflix series “More peculiar Things,” for which he has gotten a lot of commendation. 

Heaton made his acting presentation in various English TV programs prior to making his leap forward on “More odd Things, for example, “DCI Banks,” “Vera,” and “Loss.” Aside from his jobs on TV, Heaton has featured in various notable motion pictures, including “As You Are,” “Shut In,” “The New Freaks,” and “The Keepsake Part II.” Heaton has become well known as a flexible craftsman by drawing in crowds with his acting collection that traverses different media.

Akiko Matsuura Relationship

The two-year romance between Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura took place before Heaton became well-known for “Stranger Things.” They initially came into contact in 2012 or 2013, when Matsuura—who was already well-known as a rock artist—and Heaton—who was pursuing a music career—found common ground in the thriving music industry. In 2013, Heaton joined Matsuura’s band Comanechi, and their friendship developed into a love partnership.

When they joyfully welcomed their baby in 2014, their bond grew even stronger. Nevertheless, their relationship suffered as a result of the difficulties they had juggling fatherhood with their thriving careers and touring. Despite their happiness as new parents, the strain became palpable, leading to their decision to part ways.


Birth and Background: Akiko Matsuura, affectionately known as Keex, was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1994. Her parents were successful entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, running a popular barbecue restaurant in Osaka.

Education: She attended a local elementary school in Osaka before her family relocated to London, USA, where she continued her high school education until 2012. Matsuura then pursued studies in art at college, focusing on painting.

Musical Career: Matsuura delved into the London music scene during her time in the UK and fell in love with rock music. She co-founded the band PRE in 2005 and later became the drummer and frontwoman for Comanechi. Known for their noise rock style, Comanechi released critically acclaimed albums and performed internationally.

Personal Life: Matsuura’s romantic relationship with Charlie Heaton, known for his role in “Stranger Things,” lasted for two years. They met in 2012/2013, and their son, Archie, was born in 2014. Despite their breakup, they continue to co-parent Archie and maintain a collaborative relationship.

Current Status: As of 2024, Matsuura resides in London, USA, with her son Archie. She remains private about her personal life and continues to focus on her music career and motherhood.


Akiko Matsuura, also known as Keex, was born in Osaka, Japan, and grew up surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of her family’s barbecue restaurant. After relocating to London, USA, she pursued her education, eventually venturing into the world of art and music. Her musical endeavors led her to co-found the band PRE and later become the drummer and frontwoman for Comanechi. Despite the challenges she faced in balancing her personal and professional life, Matsuura remains dedicated to her craft and her role as a mother to her son Archie.


What is Akiko Matsuura’s age and birthdate?

Akiko Matsuura was born on November 2, 1994, making her 28 years old in 2024.

Where was Akiko Matsuura born?

Akiko Matsuura was born in Osaka, Japan.

What is Akiko Matsuura’s net worth?

As of current information, Akiko Matsuura’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

What bands has Akiko Matsuura been a part of?

Akiko Matsuura has been associated with bands such as The Big Pink, PRE, and Comanechi.

Who is Akiko Matsuura’s ex-boyfriend?

Akiko Matsuura’s ex-boyfriend is Charlie Heaton, known for his role in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” They share a son named Archie.

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