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Calaway, Jodi Lynn Early Years, Profession, Wealth, and More

Jodi Lynn Calaway is the previous accomplice of The Funeral director, Imprint Calaway. She is a critical American character and online presence. Jodi Lynn is a web presence outside her wrestling affiliation. Jodi Lynn’s help of Imprint’s tasks, strikingly his Patreon project “Six Feet Under with Imprint Calaway,” shows her advantage in the wrestling scene.

Jodi Lynn’s help and commitments to their common encounters carry aspect to Check’s life, regardless of whether his calling is ordinarily the concentration. Through her relationship with Imprint Calaway and her web-based presence, Jodi Lynn Calaway keeps on drawing in crowds with her exceptional story of fame and advanced influence.

Who Is Jodi Lynn Calaway?

Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway?

The Funeral director’s ex Jodi Lynn Calaway’s initial life is obscure. Since her bond with The Funeral director put her on the map, nothing is had some significant awareness of her life as a youngster. In spite of this shortage of data, she probably had a blissful youth with her folks. Jodi Lynn Calaway is probable in her 50s in view of her previous accomplice, The Funeral director.

Her age and foundation are obscure. Jodi Lynn Calaway is an American, from the different US. However her starting point is obscure, she is believed to be Caucasian. Jodi Lynn Calaway’s wrestling past is undisputed, despite the fact that her life before The Funeral director is obscure. Notwithstanding the negligible information, her relationship with The Funeral director and her association in wrestling energize fans and eyewitnesses.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s Early Life

US-conceived Jodi Lynn Calaway rose to notoriety through her union with WWE legend Imprint William Calaway, known as The Funeral director. Jodi’s beginnings and tutoring are obscure, yet her capacity to keep her own life hidden is striking, particularly thinking of her as union with a wrestling legend.

Jodi Lynn has carefully kept her hidden life out of the public light while being hitched to a worldwide genius like The Funeral director. Her devotion to keeping up with her security notwithstanding her notoriety shows her tirelessness and set out to hold predictability in excellent conditions.

Jodi Lynn’s destiny might stay obscure, however her job as The Funeral director’s dedicated life partner adds aspect to his story. Jodi Lynn Calaway shows calm strength outside the wrestling ring by keeping her own life hidden.


Full NameJodi Lynn Calaway
Birth DateFebruary 27, 1967
Birth PlaceStraight
Known asWife of Mark Calaway ‘The Undertaker’
AgeNo data available
Height5 feet 6 inches / 1.70 m / 170 cm
Weight57 kg / 125 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Associated withWWF/E
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-Husband/SpouseMark Calaway
ChildrenOne (Gunner Vincent Calaway)
Undertaker MerchandiseSigned Action Figure, Signed Casket Match Ring

Jony Lynn Calaway Education

American Jodi Lynn was brought up in the focal point of the country. As a pleased Caucasian American, Jodi Lynn’s underlying foundations are somewhere down in American culture. 

Her family, including kin, guardians, and different family members, is obscure regardless of her public profile. 

Jodi Lynn’s way proposes she learned at a neighborhood college, however her schooling is obscure. However her scholarly foundation is obscure, her style and self-control propose a degree of knowledge and refinement that matches her public persona.

Jodi Lynn’s confounding air makes her story engaging regardless of the insignificant realities about her own life and foundation. Her battle with ubiquity and security shows boldness and class under a magnifying glass.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Career

Jodi Lynn Calaway Career

Lita, Jodi Lynn Calaway, has molded proficient wrestling. Beginning her vocation in 1998 under Dory Funk Jr., she immediately advanced through the positions in Outrageous Title Wrestling (ECW) prior to joining the WWF (presently WWE) in 2001. She brought home the WWF Ladies’ Title two times there. Lita keeps on enamoring fans overall with her irregular appearances in the ring subsequent to resigning in 2006. The WWE Corridor of Popularity accepted her in February 2014 for her achievements in the game. Lita, one of the most acclaimed and compelling female grapplers ever, is generally known for her electric Mentality Period exhibitions and four Ladies’ Title rules.

Career Achieved by Jodi Lynn Calaway

Proficient grappler Jodi Lynn Calaway has worked for WWE, TNA, and ROH, demonstrating her adaptability. Her dad is WWE Lobby of Famer Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream”.Calaway started wrestling in 2000 in Big showdown Wrestling (WCW) as “Psycho Young lady” for the Loners In real life group. A 2001 ECW stretch was likewise important for her initial profession. Calaway joined WWE in 2001 as “Marlene,” overseeing Goldust. Subsequent to succumbing to Significantly increase H, she turned into a questionable heel. Before her 2005 WWE exit, Lita and Kane battled an unpleasant fight. In 2006, Calaway joined All out Relentless Activity Wrestling (TNA) as “Wonderful Lacey,” with Kurt Point as his valet. She and Angelina Love established The Wonderful Public, quite possibly of TNA’s best group, which raised her profession. Calaway momentarily got back to TNA in 2011 in the wake of leaving in 2010. In 2012, WWE attracted Calaway back to the stage, where she has flourished. She has brought home numerous titles, including the Divas Title, and she and Alexa Euphoria are the WWE Ladies’ Label Group Champions, demonstrating her life span and power.

Life of Jodi Lynn Calaway 

Jodi Lynn Calaway, the former taker’s wife 

 Former Undertaker Wife Jodi Lynn Calaway

Mark Calaway, known as The Funeral director, and Jodi Lynn Calaway started dating in the mid 1980s and wedded in 1989. Heavy weapons specialist Vincent Calaway, their 1993 child, turned into an independent craftsman, artist, and decoration. 

Regardless of the delight of parenthood, the couple experienced issues, and their relationship at last stressed, prompting their 1999 detachment and separation.

The separation cut off a very long term heartfelt friendship and a time of individual and familial disturbances in spite of their fruitful wrestling professions.

Jodi Lynna Calaway and Undertaker are parents to one child.

Jodi Lynna Calaway Has One Child With Undertaker

Heavy armament specialist Vincent Calaway, brought into the world in 1993 and in his mid 30s, is the child of Jodi Lynn Calaway and The Funeral director. Heavy weapons specialist followed his own course in proficient wrestling regardless of being the child of a hotshot. All things being equal, he concentrated on computer game workmanship at Full Sail College to join his adoration for craftsmanship and innovation.

Heavy weapons specialist involves his creative mind to make engaging visuals as an independent visual craftsman and artist. He sells his deals with REDBUBBLE, making a spot for himself in the web-based workmanship local area.

Heavy armament specialist appreciates web gaming as well as workmanship. Heavy armament specialist, who posts under the handle @shogundy on Instagram, shows his innovative flow and interfaces with admirers. 

Heavy weapons specialist keeps on separating himself from his dad’s wrestling history with energy, ability, and a solid web presence.

Is Jodi Lynn Married Again? 

Jodi Lynn has effectively stayed away from public investigation of her heartfelt life after separate. Conversely, her ex, Imprint William Calaway (The Funeral director), had a few high-profile sentiments. Mark wedded Sara Calaway in 2007 in the wake of separating from Jodi Lynn, yet they separated from seven years after the fact. Mark wedded Michelle McCool in 2010 in a little service and found enduring ecstasy. No separation or detachment has happened in their very long term marriage. The 2012 birth of Kaia Confidence Calaway fortified their marriage. Jodi Lynn favors isolation in her own life.

Former spouse and WWE legend Undertaker

WWE Legend, Ex-Spouse Undertaker

Mark William Calaway, known as The Funeral director, was brought into the world on Walk 24, 1965. He is viewed as one of the best American wrestling characters. In the wake of appearing in 1987, Calaway momentarily wrestled in Big showdown Wrestling (WCW) in 1989 preceding turning into The Funeral director in WWF in 1990.

Calaway won overall fame as the creepy and convincing “Deadman” with his horrendous presence and terrible energy. His job as The Funeral director made him a wrestling symbol and pushed him to noticeable quality. Calaway flawlessly moved between various characters, including the rough “American Boss” in 2000, exhibiting his adaptability and life span in the always impacting universe of expert wrestling.

The Funeral director’s 21-game series of wins at WrestleMania is a recognition for his brightness and history. His unbelievable connections and contentions, particularly with his on-screen sibling Kane, advanced his vocation and left a remarkable stamp on wrestling history.Calaway was drafted into the WWE Corridor of Popularity in 2022 for his extraordinary accomplishments to the game, which included four WWF/E Titles and three World Heavyweight Titles. Regardless of resigning, The Funeral director’s effect on proficient wrestling keeps on solidifying his heritage as a behemoth and deify him in wrestling legend.

Jodi Lynn Calaway NetWorth

Jodi Lynn Calaway centers around her craft vocation and keeps her work and monetary worth secret. Notwithstanding, her ex, Imprint Calaway, known as The Funeral director, has an expected $17 million total assets and a $2.5 million yearly compensation.

Imprint’s proficient excursion and monetary achievement are indisputable, while Jodi Lynn has painstakingly kept her income and assets hidden. 

This public openness distinction features the previous couple’s different superstar and protection practices.Jodi Lynn Calaway inclines toward isolation over her ex Imprint Calaway’s high-profile work and wealth, subsequently her resources and pay are obscure.


  1. Early Life: Jodi Lynn Calaway’s early life remains largely unknown, with limited information available prior to her relationship with Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker.
  2. Personal Life: Jodi Lynn was married to Mark Calaway, and they have a son named Gunner Vincent Calaway. The couple divorced in 1999 after facing marital issues.
  3. Career: Jodi Lynn Calaway had a career in professional wrestling under the ring name “Lita.” She achieved success in WWE, TNA, and ROH, showcasing her versatility in the industry.
  4. Education: While her educational background is not explicitly mentioned, it is suggested that Jodi Lynn likely received education at a local university, although specifics are unknown.
  5. Current Status: Jodi Lynn Calaway maintains a private life, focusing on her artistic career and avoiding public scrutiny after her divorce from Mark Calaway.


What is Jodi Lynn Calaway’s age? 

Jodi Lynn’s exact age is unknown, but she was born on February 27, 1967, making her likely in her 50s.

What is Jodi Lynn Calaway’s profession? 

Jodi Lynn is a former professional wrestler known as Lita and has also been associated with the wrestling industry through her marriage to Mark Calaway.

Does Jodi Lynn Calaway have any children? 

Yes, Jodi Lynn has one son named Gunner Vincent Calaway, born in 1993, from her marriage to Mark Calaway.

What is Jodi Lynn Calaway’s net worth? 

Jodi Lynn’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, as she prefers to keep her financial information private. However, her ex-husband Mark Calaway, The Undertaker, has an estimated net worth of $17 million.

What is Jodi Lynn Calaway’s current relationship status? 

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s current relationship status is not publicly known, as she maintains a private life away from the spotlight.


Jodi Lynn Calaway rose to prominence through her marriage to WWE legend Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker. Despite the lack of information about her early life, her association with The Undertaker and her own wrestling career as Lita have solidified her place in wrestling history. After her divorce, Jodi Lynn has chosen to keep her personal life private, focusing on her artistic pursuits away from the public eye.

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