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How tall is BlueFace? Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Social Media And More


Blueface, considered Jonathan Concierge on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, has cut a specialty for himself in the rap world with his specific stream and style. Climbing to unquestionable quality in 2018 with his breakout single “Thotiana,” he quickly grabbed the eye of groups with his unpredictable rhythms and movement.

Despite standing up to investigation for his unconventional method for managing rap, Blueface has amassed a dedicated following drawn to his believability and valiance stretching boundaries. His trip from the streets of LA to the actual front of hip-hop culture reflects one more surge of experts testing standard guidelines, setting what is happening as a prominent figure in contemporary music.

BlueFace Height

Blueface stands tall at a degree of 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters) and keeps a lean constitution, weighing approximately 172 pounds (78 kilograms). His rising above level, joined with his striking appearance, adds to his telling presence both on and off the stage.

While his level and weight could change to some degree after some time, they are famous real characteristics that habitually supplement his sure and enchanting demeanor as a rapper.

Who is BlueFace?

Blueface is an American rapper known for his intriguing stream and style. Brought about by Jonathan Guard on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, he procured popularity with his breakout single “Thotiana” in 2018.

His music oftentimes incorporates unusual rhythms and flighty transport, which have delighted intellectuals and groups. Despite mixed assembling, Blueface has procured a basic following and continues to cause aggravations in the hip-hop scene.


Blueface, considered Jonathan Porter on January 20, 1997, emerged as a prominent figure in the rap scene with his specific style and capricious stream. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, he gained all over appreciation in 2018 with his breakout single “Thotiana,” which showed his ability for engaging catches and whimsical movement. 

Raised in a melodic environment, Blueface’s underlying effects consolidate West Coast rap legends like Sneak Home cut and E-40. Notwithstanding standing up to examination for his unpredictable method for managing musicality and lyricism, Blueface has amassed a dedicated fanbase drawn to his realness and bold experimentation. His rising to prominence reflects one more surge of rap experts testing standard shows, establishing his place as a recognizable figure in contemporary hip-hop culture.


Real NameJohn Jamall Porter
Stage NameBlueface
Date of BirthJanuary 20, 1997
Age27 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Height (feet)6’4”
Height (cm)193
Weight (lbs)172
Weight (kg)78
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
MotherKarlissa Faffold
FatherJonathan Michael Jamall
SchoolArleta High School, Golden Valley High School
CollegeFayetteville State University
Net Worth$4 million

BlueFace Education

Blueface’s instructive excursion started in Los Angeles, California, where he went to Arleta Secondary School prior to moving to Brilliant Valley Secondary School. Following his secondary school years, he sought after advanced education at Fayetteville State College. 

While insights concerning his scholastic interests and accomplishments are not broadly reported, his time at college probably assumed a huge part in molding his own and creative turn of events. 

Notwithstanding his possible progress in the music business, Blueface’s experience features the significance of schooling and the different ways people take to seek after their interests.

BlueFace Age

Beginning around 2024, Blueface is 27 years old, having been brought into the world on January 20, 1997. His age places him in a fundamental period of his livelihood, where he continues to investigate the consistently creating scene of the music business while establishing his status as an unquestionable figure in contemporary hip-bob culture.

Despite his modestly energetic age, Blueface has recently made basic strides in his calling, gaining ground with hit singles and fostering a carried out fanbase drawn to his exceptional style and glad method for managing music. With his capacity and confirmation, he remains prepared to leave a persevering through impact on the rap scene into the endless future.

BlueFace Personal life

Blueface’s own life has been reliant upon public interest, offering investigates the rapper’s experiences past his music calling. He is known to keep a reasonably classified individual life, but nuances have emerged about his associations and family. Blueface has three children, showing his very own enormous piece liabilities past his melodic endeavors. While he will in everyday keep his ardent life out of the spotlight, occasional investigates his associations have surfaced through electronic amusement. 

No matter what the hardships of reputation, Blueface appears to be centered around counterbalancing his master achievement with his occupation as a father. In addition, he has bestowed minutes to his family, including his mother, family, and father, giving pieces of information into the sincerely strong organization that goes with his climb to obviousness. By and large’s, own life reflects a blend of obligation to his forte and the bonds he holds dear with his loved ones.

BlueFace Family

Blueface, imagined Jonathan Custodian, hails from the lively streets of Los Angeles, California. In his own life, he gives a close by grip to his sister, Kali, reflecting the meaning of family in his journey. Being a parent is an immense piece of his life, as he has a kid named Javaughn and a young lady named Trip with his past accessory, Jaidyn Alexis. Associations play in like manner had an effect in his story, as he began dating Chrisean Malone in 2022, provoking the presentation of their adolescent.

Regardless, their opinion went up against challenges, and they went out every which way in mid-2023. In another turn of events, Blueface found love again when he got attracted to Jaidyn Alexis in October 2023, hailing one more part in his own life. These short investigates his associations highlight the complexities and pleasures that go with his trip past the spotlight, portraying him as a rapper, yet furthermore an individual investigating the intricacies of love and family.

BlueFace Career

Blueface’s trip into the universe of rap was gone before by his excitement for football, which he sought after both in optional school and later at Fayetteville State School. In any case, in 2016, he made a fundamental decision to leave school and seek after his dream about transforming into a rapper. It wasn’t long after 2017 that he officially started his rap occupation, showing up with the track “Kicc a Doe ” followed through on September 22, 2017. The following year, in 2018, he dropped his most critical assortment named “Well known Cryp,” featuring tracks like “Dead Locs” and “Respect My Crippin.”

However, it was in 2019 that Blueface truly caused aggravations in the music business with his breakout hit “Thotiana.” The tune threw him to extensive affirmation, especially resulting to getting remix medications from prominent experts like Cardi B and YG. From there on out, Blueface has continued to change the rap scene, conveying studio assortments like “Find the Beat,” “Free Blueface,” and “Sleaze ball.”

His latest studio assortment, “Free Blueface,” followed through on January 12, 2024, coordinated with a basic second in his own life. Around a similar time, he unshakably surrendered to experts to address a probation encroachment coming from a 2021 assault charge. No matter what the genuine troubles, Blueface’s music continues to resound with fans, with tracks like “Friday,” “Winning,” and “Get Careful” showing his creating style and expressive capacity. Through his music, Blueface describes a record of flexibility, affirmation, and the mission for dreams amidst life’s obstacles.

BlueFace Net Worth

Blueface, the American rapper and lyricist, has made everything thought about a name for himself in the music business, with a hard and fast assets assessed at $4 million. His move to notoriety started in 2018 when he dropped the music video for Regard My Crypn, which quickly turned out to be notable on the web and transformed him into a web sensation.

The particular and savvy tune captivated swarms, driving him into the spotlight. Anyway, it was his 2019 single Thotiana highlighting heavyweights Cardi B and YG, that genuinely set his situation in the music scene. The tune take off to the top, cresting at #8 on the Declaration Hot 100 outline. With its mind-boggling beat and basic refrains, Thotiana changed into a tune of acknowledgment for some, showing Blueface’s certain limit and charm.

His marvelous style and unashamed technique for overseeing music have assembled him a consistent fan base and solidified his status as maybe quite possibly of the most consoling master in the business.

BlueFace Relationship

In the space of associations, Blueface’s cycle has been separate by thrilling curves in the street, reflecting the complexities of friendship and feeling amidst his rising prominence. His ardent endeavors stick out, conspicuously his relationship with Chrisean Malone, what began in 2022 and achieved the presentation of their child.

Regardless, their affiliation faced troubles, provoking a partition in mid-2023. Yet again along these lines, Blueface tracked down affection and became associated with Jaidyn Alexis in October 2023, hailing one more area in his own life. These short investigates his nearby associations shed light on the human side of the rapper, displaying the high points and low points that go with warmth in the public eye.

BlueFace Social Media

Blueface saves serious solid areas for through electronic amusement stages, interacting with fans and sharing glances at his life past the stage. With over [insert number] fans on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @bluefacebabyy, he offers a blend of behind the scenes minutes, restricted time content, and individual portrayals, giving a more basic examination of his existence.

Besides, he attracts with a more young group on TikTok, where his record @bluefacebleedem displays his carefree side through drawing in accounts and hardships. Through his dynamic presence on these stages, Blueface develops a sensation of region with his fans, inviting them to oblige him on his outing as he continues to cause unsettling influences in the hip-bob scene.


  • Blueface, whose real name is John Jamall Porter, stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters).
  • His height of 6’4″ (193 cm) contributes to his commanding presence both on and off the stage.
  • Alongside his striking appearance, his towering height complements his confident and charismatic demeanor as a rapper.
  • While his height could vary slightly over time, it remains a notable physical characteristic that enhances his image as an artist.


What is Blueface’s height? 

Blueface stands at 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters) tall.

Has Blueface’s height changed over time? 

While it’s possible for his height to vary slightly over time, 6’4″ (193 cm) remains the widely recognized measurement for him.

How does Blueface’s height contribute to his presence as a rapper? 

Blueface’s towering height, combined with his confident demeanor, adds to his commanding presence both on and off the stage, enhancing his image as an artist.

Is Blueface known for anything else besides his height in the rap world? 

Yes, Blueface gained fame for his unique flow and style, particularly showcased in his breakout single “Thotiana.” He’s known for his unconventional rhythms and delivery, which have garnered both praise and criticism in the hip-hop community.


Blueface, born Jonathan Porter on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, has carved out a niche for himself in the rap world with his distinctive flow and style. Rising to prominence in 2018 with his breakout single “Thotiana,” he quickly gained attention for his unconventional rhythms and delivery. Despite facing criticism for his unique approach to rap, Blueface has amassed a dedicated following drawn to his authenticity and willingness to push boundaries. His journey from the streets of LA to the forefront of hip-hop culture reflects a trend of artists challenging conventional norms and establishing themselves as prominent figures in contemporary music.

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