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Who is Joan Lin? Bio, Marriage, Husband, Children, Career, Family,  And More

Who is Joan Lin?

Jackie Chan’s significant other, Joan Lin, is a conspicuous figure in media outlets, especially in Taiwan, where she has fabricated a fruitful vocation as an entertainer. Their marriage, which started in 1982, has persevered for more than forty years, making them perhaps of the most getting through couple in the amusement world. 

Close by her acting ability, Joan Lin has likewise wandered into business and magnanimity, exhibiting her complex gifts and obligation to having a beneficial outcome past the domain of diversion. In spite of Jackie Chan’s worldwide popularity as a military craftsman, entertainer, and producer, Joan Lin’s commitments to media outlets and their persevering through organization have hardened their status as a power couple respected by quite a few people.

Joan Lin’s Bio

Joan Lin, a Taiwanese entertainer, money manager, and donor, has made a permanent imprint on both media outlets and the domain of magnanimous work. Hitched to Jackie Chan beginning around 1982, they share a child, Jaycee Chan. Notwithstanding her significant other’s worldwide distinction, Joan Lin has secured herself as a fruitful entertainer, featuring in various movies and network shows all through her profession. 

Past her acting undertakings, she has wandered into business and magnanimity, establishing the Jackie Chan Beneficent Establishment, devoted to supporting different causes like instruction, medical services, and calamity aid projects. With north of forty years of marriage, Jackie Chan and Joan Lin are praised as quite possibly of the most persevering through couple in the diversion world, their organization representing affection, strength, and shared devotion to having a beneficial outcome on society.

Joan Lin’s Marriage

Their romantic tale started in January 1981 when Joan Lin and Jackie Chan initially met and immediately succumbed to one another. In spite of their blossoming sentiment, they picked to keep their relationship hid from the media and public examination. Picking protection over exposure, they traded promises in a confidential service on December 1, 1982, in Los Angeles, a long way from according to the general population.

Joan Lin’s Husband 

The connection between “Life partner: Jackie Chan” and “Jackie Chan’s better half,” Joan Lin, is obviously significant. As a fundamental figure in his life, Joan Lin has not exclusively been a mainstay of help for Jackie Chan all through his renowned lifetime however has likewise assumed a significant part in his own life. Her unfaltering presence and help with dealing with his funds during testing times have been priceless to Jackie Chan’s prosperity and prosperity. 

Jackie Chan has reliably communicated his profound esteem and love for Joan Lin, alluding to her as his “dearest companion” and “perfect partner.” Their getting through organization fills in as a demonstration of the strength of their association and common regard. Past her job as Jackie Chan’s significant other, Joan Lin has cut out her own fruitful vocation as an entertainer, featuring in various movies and network shows. Also, she has wandered into business and magnanimity, further improving her assorted arrangement of achievements.

Joan Lin林鳳嬌 -Jackie Chan’s Almost Unseen Wife

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Jackie Chan’s extramarital affair has definitely damaged his reputation, especially when he tried to join the Chinese Communist Party. He also bore a daughter which he has YET to acknowledge to this day(at least help her since she has been kicked out by her mom).

Joan Lin’s Children

The connection between “Kids: Jaycee Chan” and “Jackie Chan’s better half,” Joan Lin, holds critical significance in their relational peculiarity. As the lone offspring of Jackie Chan and Joan Lin, Jaycee Chan was brought into the world in 1982 and has since become well known as a vocalist, entertainer, and fruitful money manager, featuring in various movies and network shows. Jaycee Chan imparts a nearby cling to his mom, whom he has frequently alluded to as his closest companion. 

Joan Lin’s faithful help has been instrumental in Jaycee Chan’s vocation and individual undertakings, as she plays had a functioning impact in directing him through different parts of his life. As a significant figure in Jackie Chan and Joan Lin’s life, Jaycee Chan gives them tremendous pleasure and pride. Past being a wellspring of familial joy, Jaycee Chan likewise fills in as a good example for other youthful people, showing the way that achievement can be accomplished both expertly and by and by with commitment and determination.

Joan Lin’s Career

Joan Lin, the cultivated spouse of Jackie Chan, has fashioned a noteworthy profession as an entertainer, money manager, and donor, free of her significant other’s fame. Her multi-layered occupations have added to her own prosperity as well as affected her dynamic relationship with Jackie Chan. 

Together, their common commitment to their particular professions and charitable undertakings has cultivated a profound bond and shared deference, cementing their status as perhaps of the most persevering and persuasive couple in media outlets.

Joan Lin’s Acting career

Joan Lin’s celebrated acting vocation traverses north of 100 movies and network shows, catapulting her to popularity and fortune. Past the glamour and fabulousness of media outlets, her foundation as an entertainer has filled in as a useful asset for bringing issues to light for various worthy missions. 

Through her perceivability and impact, she has successfully utilized her situation to support significant social issues, loaning her voice and backing to drives pointed toward having a constructive outcome on society. Hence, her acting undertakings add to her own prosperity as well as act as a way to advocate for significant change and humanitarian endeavors.

Joan Lin’s Business career

As an effective money manager, Joan Lin has secured herself as a conspicuous figure in media outlets. Filling in as the organizer and Chief of J&J Creation Organization, she administers the development of movies and TV programs, displaying her pioneering ability and vision. 

Through her essential initiative and devotion, she has developed a flourishing profession as well as offered crucial help for her loved ones. Joan Lin’s business keenness has without a doubt been instrumental in exploring the intricacies of the diversion business, empowering her to make momentous progress while adding to the enhancement of her expert and individual undertakings.

Joan Lin’s Philanthropic Contributions

Joan Lin’s charitable undertakings are a foundation of her inheritance. As the organizer behind the Jackie Chan Magnanimous Establishment, she has devoted herself to supporting a different cluster of causes, going from instruction and medical services to calamity aid ventures. 

Through her generous work, she has had a substantial effect in the existences of endless people, encapsulating a feeling of empathy and liberality. Moreover, her occupations as an entertainer, money manager, and donor have molded her own life as well as profoundly affected her relationship with Jackie Chan. Her outcome in media outlets has furnished her with the necessary resources to help her family and stretch out help to those out of luck, while her business sharpness has empowered her to construct an effective vocation. Together, her complex undertakings mirror a pledge to having a beneficial outcome on both an individual and cultural level, highlighting the significant impact of her commitments.


  • Early Life: Joan Lin is a Taiwanese actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She gained prominence in the entertainment industry, particularly in Taiwan, where she built a successful career as an actress.
  • Marriage to Jackie Chan: Joan Lin married renowned martial artist, actor, and filmmaker Jackie Chan in 1982. Their marriage has endured for over forty years, making them one of the most enduring couples in the entertainment world.
  • Career: Apart from her role as Jackie Chan’s wife, Joan Lin has established herself as a successful actress, appearing in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. She has also ventured into business and philanthropy, demonstrating her diverse talents and commitment to making a positive impact beyond entertainment.
  • Children: Joan Lin and Jackie Chan have one child together, Jaycee Chan, who was born in 1982. Jaycee Chan is known for his career as a singer, actor, and entrepreneur, and he shares a close bond with his mother.
  • Business Ventures: Joan Lin serves as the founder and CEO of J&J Production Company, overseeing the production of films and TV programs. Her business acumen has contributed to her success and provided support for her family.
  • Philanthropy: Joan Lin is the founder of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, dedicated to supporting various causes such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief efforts. Her philanthropic endeavors highlight her commitment to making a difference in society.


When did Joan Lin marry Jackie Chan?

Joan Lin married Jackie Chan in 1982.

How many children does Joan Lin have with Jackie Chan?

Joan Lin and Jackie Chan have one child together, Jaycee Chan.

What is Joan Lin’s profession?

Joan Lin is an actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

What is Joan Lin’s role in Jackie Chan’s life?

Joan Lin has been a supportive partner to Jackie Chan throughout their marriage, playing a significant role in his personal and financial affairs.

What is Joan Lin’s contribution to philanthropy?

Joan Lin is the founder of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, which supports various charitable causes.


Joan Lin, the companion of Jackie Chan, is a prominent figure in news sources, particularly in Taiwan, where she has had a productive acting occupation navigating in excess of 100 motion pictures and television programs. No matter what her significant other’s overall approval, Joan Lin has removed her own specific manner as a performer, business visionary, and philanthropic. Her association with Jackie Chan has continued on for more than forty years, showing their helping through bond and normal commitment to having a useful result on society. Together, they have one adolescent, Jaycee Chan, who has also gained ground in news sources. Joan Lin’s responsibilities to business and liberality feature her assorted gifts and dedication to significantly affecting the planet.

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