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Unveiling Landon McBroom’s Girlfriend: Meet SimplyShyla

Landon McBroom, an American social media personality, has risen to prominence through his YouTube channel ‘THIS IS L&S.’ Collaborating with his girlfriend, Shyla, known as “SimplyShyla” online, they manage the channel together, sharing vlogs depicting their daily lives and relationship dynamics. 

Their engaging content has garnered a substantial subscriber count for the channel. McBroom also maintains his own Instagram account, boasting over 371 thousand followers. Notably, he is recognized as the sibling of the renowned NCAA basketball player, Austin.

Do you know Landon Mcbroom’s Girlfriend?

Landon McBroom is at present sincerely engaged with Shyla, a conspicuous Instagram character perceived as SimplyShyla. Their relationship follows back to their underlying association on Twitter, where they started as companions before their bond bit by bit developed into a heartfelt organization. As of now, they dwell together in Los Angeles, California, where the two of them effectively seek after their vocations in the domain of virtual entertainment.

Who is Landon Mcbroom?

Born on September 26th, 1996, Landon McBroom, aged 27, gained recognition as the younger brother of YouTube sensation Austin McBroom from the ACE Family.

Renowned as a certified trainer, McBroom boasts a substantial following of over 1 million on Instagram, where he frequently shares snapshots featuring himself and Shyla’s daughter, Souline. 

Their ongoing home is in Los Angeles, California. Landon McBroom ventured into the spotlight when he and his then-accomplice, Shyla, sent off their joint YouTube divert in 2017. However, the channel has been dormant since May 6th, following Shyla’s upload titled “The end of This is L&S”.

Landon Mcbroom’s Family

Landon McBroom’s family ties include his relationship with Shyla Walker, with whom he shares a significant bond. Their partnership extends beyond personal connections, as they collaborate on various projects within the realm of social media. 

Additionally, McBroom’s familial circle encompasses his brother, Austin, a well-known figure in the world of entertainment and sports. Through these relationships, McBroom finds both personal and professional support, contributing to his journey in the public eye.

Landon Mcbroom’s Personal life

Brought into the world on September 26, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, Landon McBroom hails from a family with solid connections to the two games and virtual entertainment. His more seasoned sibling, Austin, accomplished notoriety as a previous NCAA b-ball player and the proprietor of the famous YouTube channel ‘The Pro Family.’ 

Essentially, Landon shares an energy for sports and is perceived as a talented competitor and an ensured coach. Taught at Paraclete Secondary School in Lancaster, California, Landon McBroom has set out on an effective web-based entertainment profession while keeping up with his affection for sports. He is right now involved with the notable Instagram character, Shyla, otherwise called SimplyShyla, whom he met through Twitter. 

Their companionship developed into a heartfelt connection, and they currently live together in Los Angeles, each seeking after their singular professions in the web-based entertainment domain. Aside from his expert undertakings, Landon McBroom has individual interests that incorporate an adoration for Mexican food and an inclination for R&B music. He refers to the 2003 movie ‘Malibu’s Generally Needed,’ coordinated by John Whitesell, as his unequaled most loved film and respects Foundation Grant winning entertainer Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Furthermore, McBroom harbors an interest for extravagance vehicles, especially communicating a craving to possess a red Lamborghini later on. He likewise uncovers an affection for tigers, communicating an inclination to pet one whenever offered the chance.

Landon Mcbroom’s Social media fame

Landon McBroom wandered into vlogging after moving in with his better half, who was at that point a well known figure on Instagram at that point. Enlivened by his sibling’s effective YouTube tries, Landon chose to lay out his own presence on the stage. In any case, rather than making a singular channel, he decided on a cooperative methodology, collaborating with his better half to send off the channel ‘THIS IS L&S.’ 

Represent considerable authority in video blogs archiving their day to day routines, the channel immediately got forward movement. Past video blogs, Landon enhanced the substance with response recordings, tricks, and difficulties, adding to its developing ubiquity. Including visitor appearances from his sibling, Austin, further improved the channel’s allure, with one eminent video catching Austin’s proposition to his sweetheart, turning into a feature. 

Over the long haul, ‘THIS IS L&S’ amassed a significant following, surpassing 1,000,000 supporters, because of its connecting with and engaging substance. Notwithstanding his YouTube tries, Landon keeps a functioning presence on Instagram, where he shares looks at his life through selfies and family photographs, drawing in north of 371 thousand devotees. Notwithstanding, his Twitter account, while present, doesn’t flaunt similar level following as his other web-based entertainment stages.


Landon McBroom, a prominent American social media personality, collaborates with his girlfriend, Shyla, on the YouTube channel ‘THIS IS L&S.’ Their relationship began on Twitter and has since evolved into a romantic partnership. They share various types of content on their channel, including vlogs and challenges, attracting over a million subscribers. Additionally, they often feature Landon’s brother, Austin, in their videos.


  • Relationship: Landon McBroom is currently in a relationship with Shyla, known as SimplyShyla on Instagram. They live together in Los Angeles and collaborate on various social media projects.
  • Meeting: Landon and Shyla initially met on Twitter and started as friends before their relationship turned romantic.
  • Collaborative YouTube Channel: They co-manage the YouTube channel ‘THIS IS L&S,’ where they share vlogs depicting their daily lives and relationship dynamics.
  • Content: The channel features not only vlogs but also reaction videos, pranks, and challenges, contributing to its popularity.
  • Family Involvement: Landon often features his brother, Austin, in his videos, which boosts the channel’s viewership.
  • Proposal Video: One of the most-watched videos on their channel captures Austin proposing to his girlfriend.
  • Subscriber Count: ‘THIS IS L&S’ has amassed over a million subscribers since its launch.


How did Landon McBroom meet his girlfriend?

Landon met Shyla on Twitter, initially as friends, before their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.

What is the name of Landon McBroom’s girlfriend?

Landon’s girlfriend’s name is Shyla, known as SimplyShyla on Instagram.

Do Landon and Shyla live together?

Yes, they reside together in Los Angeles, California.

What type of content do they create on their YouTube channel?

They create vlogs documenting their daily lives, as well as reaction videos, pranks, and challenges.

Does Landon McBroom feature his family members in his videos?

Yes, Landon often features his brother, Austin, in his videos.

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